Friday, August 14, 2015

Marie's Blue



Here's stuff I've slathered with Marie's Blue Cheese.  Someone said it's good on salad too! Nobody's ever  thought of this before. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Y'all have "Litehouse" out yonder? It's even better.


Darrell said...

Try it on a good meatball sub sammich. Heavenly.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Looked yesterday for Litehouse, but didn't find it at Food Lion. Anyway e~C, "Lite" " indicates some of delicious fat is missing- n'es pas?

Stu Tarlowe said...

Yup. I put blue cheese dressing (I'm not fussy about the brand) on fast-food hamburgers! It takes 'em to a whole 'nother level.

When I was a hash-slinger at the Hasty-Tasty, we made a blue cheese burger: when we flipped the burger, we placed a ring of green pepper atop it, filled the ring with crumbled blue cheese, and put a cover over it until the cheese melted.

My favorite blue cheese story ('just free-associating here): I had a girlfriend who worked for the Roquefort Cheese Association of France. Her job was to go into restaurants, see if they used the term Roquefort cheese on their menu, and then march into the kitchen and demand to see the actual Roquefort cheese (not just blue cheese). If they didn't have genuine Roquefort from France, she'd then demand that the term be stricken from their menu.

She was also a sex goddess, but that's another story...

leelu said...

My flight attendant gf used to fly a NYC to LAX run. The plane came to NY from Paris, so she grab some Roquefort and baguettes and bring them home. Bread, butter and Roquefort. Yum!

Rip Tide said...

Question #1 : Why is there a freshness/use-before date on these stinky fromages ? Question #2 : How does one determine when these vile curds arrive at said point in time ? Question #3 : And, who volunteers for this onerous task ?

Anonymous said...

I do.


Anonymous said...

You can make it better at home for lots less money. Blue cheese crumbled up in Hellman's/Best western mayo. If you want to get fancy you can thin it a bit with water or milk or buttermilk, or whatever else you please. Give it a little time for the flavor to spread out.

You can also add blue cheese to blue cheese dressing to make it better.

Also nice with chopped walnuts or such.

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