Friday, August 14, 2015


            Techno Thrills

106 days.

PS- That meter has now roll backward, meaning we're making more than we use!
It took 106 days from presentation to a fully active solar panel system.  Our cost is nothing; our savings will be manifest on the next utility bill (although half that billing cycle will be pre-solar).  And, there's this.

I don't know how that will impact us (we have a contract vetted by a lawyer), but it does talk to legitimacy.  It will also make SunEdison-Vivent the largerst solar panel provider.

Our guy told us that we project to generate 5.5 GW Hours (or something) which he says is very, very high.  A lot of that has to to with our house facing dead east (1°); and this.

By the by; the incentive that several states are offering (to underwrite the solar panel expense) will end on Jan, 1, 2016. Any contract booked before that date will be honored.  If you're interested call Weston at 757-329 0115 (if you buy from him we make $100).  Thank you andMo Sup can afford these shoes!


Anonymous said...

Good for you. I'm glad it is working out for you.

Steve In Tulsa said...

How did you get a system like that and then also get it installed for free? That sounds very unlikely. I have priced these systems and, with batteries and battery replacement every seven years for a 1200 kwh a month system costs twice what electricity costs the our local power company. But if you can get all the hardware and installation for free, well, that certainly changes things.

Anonymous said...

Steve: Here's a prior post Rodger made.


Anonymous said...

But wait...check this out...Perovskites.
c.umulus n.imbusi iii

Anonymous said...

That Dingo in the video looks downright useful.

Anonymous said...

My brother and his wife just downsized their house. The new one had solar panels already installed. He started checking into the setup and found out the previous owners never registered them through the state. So he started the process of doing it. As he was going through the process he found out that "he" was eligible for a $3500 rebate. The previous never bothered to do it. His electric bill for the last 4 months has been $1.98, a administration fee.


Anonymous said...

I love it when my tax money goes to subsidize the global-warmist agenda.
Tax dollars are unlimited.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I may have misspoke -- our panels are supplied underwrit by BGFG&E Why? Because the state is charging them something like $1 mil/day until they reach some level of alternative energy plateau. The same is true with other participating (mostly leftist) states, Here, the controlling legislation expires 1/1/16 As I understand it.

TheOldMan said...

5.5 kW at maximum generating. I have a 5.2kW system since 2006 that hits max for about 2 hours/day during the three best months of the summer. It works well enough to keep me out of the top tiers of power usage which is where the real money savings come.

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