Monday, August 24, 2015



TRUMP: I would tax Chinese products
and I tax them very high ...
'Obama totally over his head'

More feathers in Trump's cap from Demonratsinthesewer.Com:

Trump praised Palin and her husband. Said she was prepared to handle the economy.

I hope his stock is worth pennies.

and he's right irregardless (English teacher)

Fuck Trump  (Philosophy Professor)

And he says Palin would do great running the economy (the first guy already said that noob)


Kim du Toit said...

"TRUMP: I would tax Chinese products and I tax them very high."

Yes, because protectionism (i.e. Smoot-Hawley) worked SO well right before the Great Depression, too. Tariff wars never work, but only cause greater financial problems than they attempt to cure.

Trump may understand finance (and he's been proven to be shaky there too, but when it comes to economics, he's a complete idiot.

Helly said...


Digging up the 2007 Curmudgeonly and Skeptical archives, you will find I predicted the first guy to promise a closed Mexican border would clinch the presidency. Obviously Donald is a C&G reader.

Anonymous said...

They used to tax the hell out of a lot of imports, then some, like the japs, started building them here.
Works pretty well, and they tend to stay out of the UAW, always a plus.

Skoonj said...

President Hoover raised tariffs. The result was that other countries imposed tariffs on us. That lead to the Great Depression.

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