Wednesday, September 30, 2015

'16 crap

House Conservatives Don't Need to Put Up One of Their Own

Lots of outside voices who generally are not with House Conservatives are now challenging House Conservatives to put up their own candidate for Speaker. Conservatives need not bother and should not fall into the trap. Conservatives in the House are finally beginning to understand their role — they do not have power of initiation, they have the veto power. Conservatives do not have the votes to put up their own as Speaker, but they can block anyone else from being Speaker. In other words, conservatives are a bit like the Queen of England. They have three rights in the House of Representatives: the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, the right to warn. They also have one power: consent. By giving their consent, withholding their consent, or withdrawing their consent, they can steer the appointment of a Speaker, end a Speaker’s career, and force Republicans to side with Democrats, further exposing Republicans within primaries.

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Democrats Would Rather Defund Food Stamps than Planned Parenthood

The desperate attempts by Democrats to ignore or explain away the Planned Parenthood videos have provided us with plenty of excellent examples showcasing just how dedicated the Left is to abortion. However, the latest rhetoric from the Obama administration might top everything else in recent memory to show how extreme their attachment is. . .

To my knowledge Republicans in Congress are more than willing to fund SNAP and the rest of the government. The only thing being asked of obstructionist Democrats, led by President Obama, is that the funding for Planned Parenthood be stricken from the budget. Even if, as they say, none of the organization’s funds go to abortion (which we know is a lie), the videos still provide us with more than enough reason to do so, but Democrats are willing to hold up funding the entire government, including a program that provides 45 million Americans with assistance*, because of their love for abortion.

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Saw these yesterday but didn't get around to them.  I remember when the Dems had a precarious hold on the House, and the Black Caucus was able of effectively steer the wagon.  At the time I posited that this was a way that Libertarians (when they were the only alternative) to do the same thing to the GOP.  Never happened of course (Newt instead took the whole enchilada in '94), but Red State's stance is effectively the same, and has a good chance to succeed.

Aside: Bob Barr "Bring Back Newt as Speaker (It's Legal!)"

The Planned Parenthood
craphole ought be enough, by itself, to destroy the Dems in '16.  I'd start running the television ads today. 


leelu said...

Ads == clips of the PP videos, w/ banner "Presented by the RNC".

"Paid for by..." would give the Dems a big wedge.)

No other comment necessary.

Anonymous said...

Funded by the US Taxpayer thanks to RINOs and other Elected Useful Idiots including the Kenyan Pretender in Chief and the Clinton Foundation.

5 Star Corruption The Best Government We can afford as long as the Debt Ceiling gets bumped up.

PP is just a Democrat Cash Cow funded at Tax Payer Expense.

Anonymous said...

If you ever needed an example of a completely unaware politician, just look for the one that wants Gingrich in 2015.


Anonymous said...

Gingrich? That ship already sailed and even Somali Pirates don't want any.

Stu Tarlowe said...

In my town they just held a big "Pink-Out" rally in favor of PP and to protest and resist the proposed de-funding. The "War on Women" meme was in full force among these useful idiots, as well as the one that the videos were "falsified and heavily edited". And the local TV reporting was clearly in support of the demonstrators.

It reminds me of what Einstein said about the difference between genius and stupidity: "Genius has its limits."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that whole "exposé" of Planned Parenthood was clearly a shameful right-wing HOAX. The Planned Parenthood folks are clearly NOT ghouls, just as the folks in Iran who chant "Death to America" clearly don't really mean it.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Missouri just became the sixth state to complete their investigation of PP and find absolutely ... nothing.

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