Saturday, September 12, 2015

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MAX Redline said...

I believe they're celebrating 9/11 in an entirely different way over there in Mecca, now.

Wabano said...

A classic when you join an airline is viewing the video crash of Saudia 163...which is more hilarious that a 747 crashing on the Kaaba.

As they returned to land due to a fire warning from the rear baggage compartment, the rag cappie and raghead bubba kept gabbing on how much of a donkey the old British engineer was...not one instant they took measures to brief the rear end crew, deploy passenger's oxygen masks or evacuate the poisonous smoke from the burning hydraulic fluid...They never put on their own oxygen mask, a basic step in case of fire, so after a normal landing with the weight on the wheels, the cabin air was diverted to the cockpit and they instantly died, just like the 297 passengers piled on the cockpit door...A Muslim's stupidity can reach the infinite...
(The plane remaining pressurized made it impossible for the firemen to open the doors) Look at it!

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