Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jeb's Brainstorm

                                     JebYou miserable twat



Anonymous said...

Kinda like sayin, 'We should accept all political elites, let's just weed out the STUPID ones'.

pdwalker said...

Good luck with THAT!

bocopro said...

"Jeb--you miserable twat"

Has a nice ring to it. Dances off the tongue smoothly, as a proper epithet should.

Wabano said...

Ha! Ha! It's like Dilbert and his zingers...
There's the one for the year...Trump: "Look a that "Angry Wife" Face!!!
Trump Engineers a Linguistic Kill Shot for Fiorina

Juice said...

"Jeb--you miserable twat" Nice bocopro.

Several months ago I typed on my fb page, "Hear me roar, Jeb. No more Bushes!" Got some Lib likes on it. The fact is, as a Conservative, didn't care for G.H.W. or G.W. and certainly do not want to see Jeb in office. They are weak and malleable to get along by going along. Jeb would most certainly enable these law breakers to a comfy life on tax payer backs. eff them.

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