Tuesday, September 15, 2015





Esteve said...

I think the bottom one is "Sugar Mama" rather than a Snickers.

Anonymous said...

I was about to think up one of those "Yo Mamas So Fat" routines, but eyeing the photo again, I lost ALL ability at humor. I WEEP for our country.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Okay, it's 97 degrees, you're in a 1950 black ford, with all the windows up, and you find yourself in the back seat with her at the drive-in. That, friends, is hell.

Anonymous said...

Add in Hilary and Jeb making out in the front seat, and that would make it one of the lower circles, wuddin' it?

Sir H the Comet

Juice said...

Looka those stretch marks. She got real fat real fast. Hasn't had time to get new clothes, man. ;p

Juice said...

oops. left out the expanding part.

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