Friday, October 02, 2015

A yuck and a YUCK

Two Things
John Effing Kerry

John Effing Kerry


poletax said...

That girl is named Saffron.She is hilarious.Check her out on youtube

Juice said...

To Catch a Pedophile.

toadold said...

Interested in helping youth, join the Boy Scouts. No need to go to risky online sites. Teach them about other cultures, Bacha Bahzi!

Wabano said...

There's a million weird Saffrons on the tube...that one is Saffie Herndon
Saffie Hyena:
I watch that show called "the Flintstones"
Most of you guys look like you watched it too,
But when you watched it, it was called: "The News"...

Leonard Jones said...

The one with the girl was completely lacking in good taste!
Fortunately, that is just the way I like it. One of my
all time favorite jokes about a new item on the McDonald's
menu. It's a 6" hot dog on a 2" bun. They call it the
McMartin. BTW, I was one of the few people who saw that
hysteria for what it was.

I am reminded of a classic episode of South Park where
Cartman joined NAMBLA. There is a scene near the
beginning where Cartman seeks older males on the
Internet because he fancies himself too mature for
his buddies.

Politically incorrect, but very funny:

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