Thursday, October 15, 2015

....culture goes right?

"This generation is frightened of ideas." Matt Drudge.
... then there's this

The progressive establishment has a problem. The hunger for non-conformist thought and opinion is raging. Contrarianism is becoming cool once again.

Marc Miller


renojim said...

Beautifully said.

Juice said...

I am kind of sick of listening to Brits telling us what to think, say, believe, respond to, buy, sell and etc, etc, ..... Want to sell in the USA? throw in a Brit accent. No offense but this is a fail for me. Call me racist! Maybe they should tend to their own kingdom.
What? Now I have to drink coffee from "the mug"?

Skoonj said...

Juice, you show terrific discipline. I mean, just the fact that you call Limeys "Brits" is the epitome of self control.

Juice said...

HA! Thanks Skoonj

Anonymous said...

Juice, how old are you?
Try listening to his IDEAS.
There are rare few - not just Americans - who pack such thoughts into so compact a form.

Furthermore, he's quite eloquent,
which is more than I can say for you.

Skoonj said...

I have a problem with listening to him, or for that matter anyone, from a recording. I tend to go through these pages, and others, while listening to programs of my choice which are streaming. Things like Rush and Mark. If I want to listen to something else, I have to shut down the program I'm listening to.

Sorry, I won't do that, and I have a general dislike of audio that I run into on the net. I would much rather read it. This selection doesn't have that option. I listened to a short part of this one. The guy sounds just fine, but my prejudice against audio sources on the web had me end it in a minute in a half. Did I miss good stuff? I imagine so. But I'm just not interested enough in it to hear what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

He's right on the mark. That's why we see Trump and Carson capturing over 50% in the latest polling. Liberalism, by its very nature means accepting multiple views. But look at what happens when someone like Ann Coulter is invited to speak on a college campus. Look at comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock, which will no longer book shows at colleges. And read the viewpoints of a classical feminist such as Camille Paglia, who describes modern feminism as an affront to true liberalism. It's been contorted by the anarchists to such a degree that liberalism really means leftism by the new definition.

Rush has for years described the NAACP as the 'NAALCP', that is, they only care about LIBERAL people of color. And, by the new definition, LEFTIST colored people. We are already seeing them move against Dr. Carson, and I'm sure they are scouring the weeds in order to 'Herman Cain' him when the time is right.

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