Thursday, October 15, 2015

French's French Fries


Having recently celebrated the wonderfulness of Marie's Blue Cheese dressing, I thought it a good time to double down.  Specifically, French's French Fried Onions!  They're  just as versatile, and I'm hard pressed to think of anything I wouldn't sprinkle them on.  Hot dogs, burgers, pizza, salads, veggies, potatoes, eggs, popcorn;  on and on.  Since you'll be using them 5-6 times a day, make sure you buy the 24 oz. bag.  I buy them at BJ's for about $7, and quite often there's a $2 off coupon and I stock up because the Giant store sells a tiny bag (about 3-4 oz?) for $3.69!  And here's another upside.  You don't have to buy onions anymore!

You're welcome.

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BlogDog said...

A few years back Cook's Illustrated had the recipe for the traditional green bean casserole but made from scratch which included frying one's own onions. It was a fair piece of work but I did it and it was amazing. Just quantum levels above the run-of-mill variety.

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