Thursday, October 01, 2015

Living Lincoln

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Living With Lincoln

When I was 11-years old our familyme, sister, mom, dad, and Granny Schultz,  piled into our black '52 Chevy.  The cheap model.  So cheap it didn't have an ashtray, so mom had a little bean bag ashtray on the dash.  No radio.  And man was it hot. We  drove to New Salem, Illinois and the restored village where Abraham Lincoln spent his early adulthood.  We stayed in a motel, on site, a first for me.  The room was knotty pine; I can still smell it.  After  taking the tour I took off  on my own to investigate.  Walking down a dirt trail I, for some reason, turned onto a little unmarked path and came upon an as yet unrestored building with a marker "First Lincoln house," or some such.  Wow.  Why had I walked with seeming purpose to this house?  Possibly influenced by the Bridey Murphy story that was dominating the news, I decided that the reason was that I was Abraham Lincoln reincarnated.  Really. I've been  a Lincoln scholar without portfolio ever since. 

This documentary really rang my bell.  It's so good that I'm kind of shocked it's an HBO product (HBO, in my mind, is a haven for leftists who were fired for cause from their real jobs, and other perversions (but did you see that last Game of Thrones ending?!)   Anyway, this isn't so much about Lincoln as it is about a family's collective five
generation journey as caretaker of just about everything Lincoln.  Yes, Peter Kunhardt's great-grandfather began collecting photographs of Abraham Lincoln, but also tracked down the photographs of every Union, and all but three Confederate Great Rebellion officers. Wow! And that was just the beginning.  FIVE STARS.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it. This is the guy who made the Kennedy and Nixon "in their own words" documentaries that I actively avoided because I thought I'd get liberalism stuck in my teeth. I'll have to watch this.


Sarge said...

sic semper tyrannis !

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