Friday, October 09, 2015

Port Protection

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Talked about the series Mountain Men awhile back; seemed like a lot of you watch and enjoy it.  Here's another in that genre: "Port Protection."  The Nat-Geo Channel have just renewed it for a well deserved second season.  In truth, I like this more than Mountain Men.  All the characters live in Port Protection, AK.  And, it seems, the men all  sound like MM's Tom Oar; which is a plus.

So far I like all the PP people,  which is not true of Mountain Men. Every time a Marty Meierotto event in that series is shown, for instance, I can't help but think he's a wanted pedophile/serial killer hiding in Alaska.  Don't like him at all and his "my girls" crap creeps me out.  

Anyway, just so you know.  You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

If Mr. Oar was president, we might be OK. Contrast that with "Alaskan Bush People" who are more fake than the Partridge Family. They have all been charged with felony's for not being full time Alaskans, yet they took the oil dough. They live at a resort on the same island when they are not filming. -Anymouse

BlogDog said...

When I see the name "Port Protection," it always makes me think of "Port Asbestos" from the "Red Green Show." Damn that was a funny show!

Wabano said...

Eatin' "bar" meat?...better know what you are doin'...(or you are going to learn what being "eaten alive" mean(trichinosis)

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