Thursday, October 08, 2015

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This will be of interest to people who believe in God.  But, let me restate; I have nothing against atheists, save for professional atheists (see right), but I can't begin to grasp the concept of "it just happened."  The universe had no beginning (even science acknowledges the probability of a "pre-Big Bang".  Just so. There cannot be a beginning; nor an end for that matter. Whatever entity  engineered creation is God.  It's a hard concept to grasp, that.  It took Aquinas years before he could stop trying to put a face on "God," and I'm no Aquinas.

I just watched this video — Latest Scientific Evidence for God's Existence - Hugh Ross, PhD
who debated atheists from the International Skeptic Society.  After the debate they told him; "Dr.Ross, it's not that we hate the  God of the Bible; it's that we despise His followers (clip). I laughed out loud; I can at least understand that. 

Here's a recent video (Patterns of Evidence); a first class documentary that tackles a major atheist debate point; the Exodus. The full video is on NetFlixand trust me hereit's Five Star compelling.


 And this:
THE EXODUS REVEALED brings to light the first significant archaeological "find" of the 21st century... the precise route they may have followed to freedom; their crossing site on the shore of the Red Sea; and the location of Mt. Sinai; Egyptian chariot and war artifacts litter the seabed .

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leelu said...

I've wondered about the "Evidence" video - thanks for the recommendation. Just finishing "Understanding the Old Testament" (by Bernard W. Anderson), an old college textbook I never read. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Amen, per instructions. Also I agree with you.

Sir H the Comet

molonlabe28 said...

Maher's strident contempt for religion is rather amusing.

I will stick with God, who has helped me throughout my entire life, instead of these coiffed Beta males who exalt in their own precociousness.

I wish he would bring his smart mouth down to a NASCAR race in the Southeast and preach his Godless sermon.

BlogDog said...

Very interesting but I find the "evidence" on the seabed less than convincing. Only that much coral growth in thousands of years? Sorry. Not buying that.

Leonard Jones said...

This really is inconclusive. The presence of chariots and other
Egyptian artifacts is meaningless. These things could have been
lost in transit on a mission to foreign shores. A ship could
have been sunk in a storm, or in battle.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Coral growth in the Red Sea? Elucidte

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