Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Americans

cinema à la carte                                 


We're only on episode 10 (S1) of The Americans (FX), so who knows from there.  But right now this has nosed out Mi5 (Spooks) as the best spooks series ever.  Reagan is president and the Commies are scared to death. (watching on Amazon) Yes, EVER!


MAX Redline said...

Quarterflash? Really? God, I hate Rindy Ross.

Unknown said...

Really? I loved 'em when they were Seafood Mama.

Skoonj said...

Shrimpers and rice are mighty nice.

MAX Redline said...

Even when they were Seafood Mama - a better band, btw - Rindy has always been too whiny. If they'd kicked her to the curb, they might have had a chance.

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