Monday, October 05, 2015

Vivint Solar

Res Ipsa Loquitur        

I've been documenting our Vivint Solar experience,  and this will be the last time (hopefully) I'll mention it. This is the first full month of operation.  BG&E Bill was $24.88; Vivint's was 83.68 = $108.56.  This is roughly 1/3 of last year's September bill.  I'd say we're very happy.  Our total cost for all of this was $0.00. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

I was going to ask you about this, since I saw a Vivint van in a parking lot last night. Glad to see you're happy with it.


Skoonj said...

I'd sure like to use that gal's "peace symbol" as a shooting target. Whether she's wearing it or not.

Juice said...

Hey Josh and Rodge -
Thanks so much for the Netflix Peaky Blinders tip. It agrees with the Mr's and mine viewing tastes and we watched several episodes before moving on to Netflix's Lilyhammer, written by and staring Steven Van Zandt. We are currently totally caught up in it. The premise of mobster relocation may be and old one, but the take on this series is anything but old. It is hilarious fun! Besides, my Dad's mom was from Norway, so yeah.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Juice. I have a friend that keeps recommending Lilyhammer, haven't gotten around to it yet. That'll probably be next.


Juice said...

Thanks Josh,
you will probably enjoy Lilyhammer as we enjoy Peaky Blinders.
I remember you back in the day at C&S when you were "younger". As a mom of adult kids, you became a part of my heart because you were wise beyond your years. Glad to see you here after all this time.

Anonymous said...

From, Ron in Ohio:

UHHHH! Please, don't stop sending the monthly comparisons, especially through the upcoming cold, sunless, months. Some of us are interested.

And Rog, I'm not trying to throw a wet blanket on this. I'm merely saying that any savings generated should have to be considered over a 12 month period. Since where you live is similar to the yearly sun activity here in Central Ohio, I'm curious.

I have already seen what my electric company does with "averaging" our electric bill into a 12 month "Budget Plan" in our "all-Electric" home. After 5 years of checking our past bills I am not about to let them continuously keep a $500.00-$1,500.00 CREDIT every year INTEREST FREE before applying the credit on the next year's billing.

As such, About this time of the year I begin reducing my payment until I feel that it is within +$100.00 or -$100.00 of the projected amount at year's end. They squawk - I explain that when they begin paying interest on my deposited money I'll stick with the "Budget Payment" and they shut-up. After all, It really isn't a gamble for them since my deviation from their "Budget Payment" plan doesn't begin until after I have accumulated credits based on the previous year's calendar-ending bills.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Roger Daltrey (of The Who) has installed wind turbines at his home. Now he just keeps talkin' 'bout his generation…

Phil N. LeBlanc

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Ron in Ohio:

We are off the budget plan. This is real time billing.

Anonymous said...

Juice: I'm glad to be here after all of this time. I haven't gone a day since I was...14 or 15 (so at least ten years), without checking Rodger's site. I love the regulars, and Rodger's "neighborhood bar" has only got better with drinking age. :-p I don't think Rodger realizes this but he bears a lot of responsibility for the monster I've become.

And Rodger, stop defending the solar panels. They were a bad idea, free was too high a price, you have been ripped off and your house is now a death trap.


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