Thursday, November 12, 2015

Don't slap a cop's horse: Lesson 26

Must be a parking ticket in his left hand!

This is a perfect case of justice properly applied in a case of animal cruelty. I just hope the red car belonged to the guy who went flying.  Notice the condition of the glass window after the flight.
Don M


Joe said...

That's from a Paul Blart Mall Cop movie

Pawpaw said...

Yeah, a kick from a horse as depicted would kill or seriously injure you. You're not getting up from that without lots of assistance, and probably a gurney. If they simply don't call the coroner. It's an interesting .gif, but it ain't real.

Anonymous said...

That's a Friesian. The breed of horse often used in Dressage. The art form directly evolved from the training of War Horses of the middle ages. The horse is doing what comes over generations of breeding and decades of training.

Gooooood Booooy!


Watched it over and over and it's impossible to tell if a cue was given by the rider -- which means she is verry good, or the horse is responding to the threat on his own... Well Done.

DougM said...


Anonymous said...

I once saw a Clydesdale/hackney cross shatter a one inch thick oak stall door with a kick like that.

If that were real, the guy would have a ruptured liver, spleen, stomach, aorta, punctured lung(s), broken ribs.
Good special effects push all the right buttons though.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

David said...

City Boys...

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