Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Tails of the Gun
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A Maryland database containing a spent casing to match every gun sold in the state since 2000 has been shut down after failing to solve a single crime.

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It's hard to believe 15 years have passed since Maryland gun-nut douche bag legislators came up with this idiocy.  To refresh—out of the blue lawmakers mandated that every hand gun sale application be accompanied by two fired shell cartridges.  Immediately the law ipso-facto stopped all handgun sales because manufacturers, never having dealt with this level of idiocy (not even from New York or California) had thousands of sold or inventoried hand guns without  cartridge samples.

Maryland's  idea was that after a crazed gun owner shot up a liquor store, the ejected shell casings could be matched against the data base and the gun owner arrested.  Anyone see a problem with this?  Certainly not the brainiacs who wrote the legislation.  Revolvers don't not eject shell casings.  This line from the article suggests that nobody has yet figured that out.

 "Though a firearm leaves unique markings on the casings it fires the Maryland database was too imprecise to effectively compare casings."

Duh. Carry on.


Anonymous said...

And yet, every gun in the picture is a revolver.


Leonard Jones said...

Still funny though Anon! The idea that spent casings can used to
identify an individual firearm ranks right up there with global
warming or Piltdown Man as an effective scientific method. The
same goes for the idiotic notion of "micro stamping." How easy
is this: "Hey buddy, got a file?"

Unknown said...

It's not all that stupid. Under the microscope, firing pin marks and extractor marks on the cartridge case are probably as unique as rifling marks on the projectile -- all provided, of course, that (as Leonard Jones suggests ) the signature of those parts of the weapon are not altered post-shooting (and before a comparison can be made).

HMS Defiant said...

For #####, you'd need a really huge database of fired shell casings to prove to me that each individual firing pin and extractor leaves unique identification marks on the casings......oh. wait. Never mind.

Esteve said...

Only Jerry Miculek leaves spent revolver brass laying around after a one second reload. And as far as I know he has never left any at a Maryland crime scene.

JimB said...

I believe they still have this in NY. I guess no one has told them it really doesn't work.

Wabano said...

Well, just shoot from inside your jacket(Battle dress or Ike jacket)so you keep all your casings...Not with a revolver, you'd be a ball of fire in a minute! And dont forget to smear the last bullet with grinding compound, so as to change the rifling markings...

Anonymous said...

Au Contraire, Señor Wabano. If you're shooting from inside your jacket or coat pocket (BTW, in a case of life imitating art, carrying your piece in your coat pocket is called the "Kojak carry"), you definitely want a revolver (preferably with a bobbed or shrouded hammer, such as a S&W J-frame Bodyguard, probably what Kojak used).

You really think a semi-auto will cycle inside your pocket? I wouldn't bet on it, not even a Colt Mustang or an AMT Backup.

Yes, firing your shrouded or bobbed hammer revolver from inside the pocket will shred your jacket and possibly be a fire hazard, but it will put all 5 or 6 rounds downrange, something highly-unlikely with a semi-auto.

And forget the "grinding compound". (As G.G. Liddy advises) Just run a file inside the barrel after firing. Then "leave the gun and take the cannoli".

Caballero Andante

John said...

New York stopped the same idiocy about 2 years ago, after also spending millions, caught, I believe, exactly one perp. But, hey, it's other people's money and time.

Wabano said...

Well, then, you dont need to be naked to shoot a Mauser C96 Broomhandle...It'll work inside yo jacket...

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