Friday, November 13, 2015

Two Smarts

So I'm perusing You Tube and discover a long list of complete audio booksfor the taking.   My Story by Elizabeth Smart- Unabridged Audible Edition grabbed my eye.  Took about 2 minutes to realize I'd confused Elizabeth Smart with Pam Smart.  Pam was the very hot teacher who sexually seduced some Jr. High boys so they'd kill her husband.  Remember?  It was dramatized in the movie To Die For starring the even hotter Nicole Kidman in the lead.  Elizabeth Smart was a 14 year old  girl in Utah; stolen from her bed by a sexual deviant and psychopath named Brian David Mitchell.  He kept her in a dirt cave where he raped and abused her for 8 months.  Did I mention that his wife was an accomplice?  One hour into the book (Elizabeth, now 21, narrates) I folded.  Since she wrote the book I knew he didn't kill her and wanted to find out about his execution; no doubt in my mind that was going to happen. Gary Gilmore. The next day I went back and found Elizabeth Smart kidnapping documentary - [Kidnapping documentary 2015].  Wow.  I think you'll find it riveting.      


Juice said...

No idea that the bastard could buy himself a damn decade by singing in court. grrr It is truly amazing that Elizabeth was able to restore such confidence in life following that ordeal.

Before Elizabeth was found and her captures exposed it seemed to me that the dad was part of it. Why? Because even now he seems empty of a soul; but then, as a Christian that's how I see all Mormons. They peddle door-to-door their fake religion created by a phony profit who named his cult after Jesus Christ yet, Jesus is nowhere to found among them. Walter E. Martin wrote a great book called Kingdom of the Cults that I read about 30 years ago. The primary source to distinguish a cult from Christianity is by their denial of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (Spirit) that is the foundation of Christian faith.

DonM said...

Interesting Juice.

There is a very close resemblance of Mormonism and Mohamamdanism. Both were formed by false prophets, both had very bloody beginnings, both believed in polygamy, both are mysogenistic in their origins and both regard Jesus as only a prophet. Both are disgusting Cults.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Re dad..
He was so distraught that he was actually hospitalized., so I don't see any passiveness. Religion was not really a factor aside from the perp using it as a over. What struck me is how composed and well spoken Eliz is; did you watch her court testimony?

Juice said...

Damn good point DonM, never thought of it that way but you are right.

Roger, yes I did watch in its entirety and heard about the dad's breakdown. I'm not suggesting he doesn't have the heart of a father, just that he seems empty. And yes. That Elizabeth was one rock of a young girl under those circumstances and never lost of stitch of courage over her years.

FishStyx said...

Sorry, Juice.
While I am an avowed agnostic, I was raised in the LDS church.
Not a single thing you stated about their doctrine was correct.

"Bloody" history? They were primarily the victims. Up until the mid-1970s there were still laws on the books in Missouri which allowed any "Mormon" to be legally shot-on-sight.

...and to compare them to the death-cult of Islam is beyond the pale.

A bit more research perhaps....

DonM said...

OK Fish. I said history. Check out the Mountain Meadow Massacre. I live in SE Idaho and I know quite a few former Mormons that have shared the stories with me.The history of the origin of the cult cannot be ignored.

FishStyx said...

I have heard multiple versions of that story retold over the last 50 years. While it did happen, their is no indication that it was sanctioned by church leadership or that they were even aware of it at the time. There is no correlation between the massacre and church principles or dogma. I've noticed that the retelling of that horrific incident is usually put forth by folks that have a particular axe to grind with the LDS church for whatever reason.
By that standard, do we also make claims about other groups en masse based on atrocities perpetrated by a number of their followers? The My Lai massacre comes to mind. Do we denounce the entire US military for what happened there? The actions of Lt. Calley and his followers are certainly not what the US Army trains or espouses.
I believe that the LDS church was founded on a scam and the ramblings of a charlatan (I would say the same of most religions), but I do not believe its adherents (or those of any other religion) should be castigated or held to answer for the acts of a few of their members.
In my opinion, Islam would be the exception, as their actual doctrine not only encourages, but demands the subjugation, oppression, and murder of non-believers and women.

DonM said...

Mr. Fish. We are in agreement here. My next door neighbor is a staunch member of the LDS church and a very dear friend. We share a long 1100' foot driveway and look out for one another and our families. Country living can be great and you have to be self sufficient at times but having good people nearby is almost essential.
Islam on the other hand is a cancer that must be excised from the human experience and having a CIC that refuses to acknowledge the true threat to our very existence is criminal.

FishStyx said...

Side note regarding polygamy in the LDS church:
With the exception of particular predatory individuals (and the LDS off-shoot in Colorado City), there was a functional justification for polygamy.
During, and prior to, the 19th century in the US, women could could not own property, bring about legal suits, or even retain their children in the case of divorce, deaths of, or abandonment by their husbands. This began to change to change about 1840 but did not become fully accepted in the US until the 1880s.
Polygamy allowed women (through the new husband) to retain their property and families and have legal standing. In many cases, it was the husband marrying his wifes sister after to her own husband had died or left.
While there certainly were cases of sexual predation and manipulation, I don't believe that was the impetus or original intent.

Wabano said...

Speaking of hot monsters...Karla Homolka DID get away with "it":
Karla Homolka a mom of 3 living in Caribbean

As for Mormon mad men(the mountebank religion),
read there about Lady Pattirini, the wayward son of Brigham Young

FishStyx said...

"As for Mormon mad men(the mountebank religion),
read there about Lady Pattirini, the wayward son of Brigham Young"

Again... "that have a particular axe to grind with the LDS church for whatever reason. "

Juice said...

Geeze. Sorry Rodger, I didn't mean to start a war here. Just sharing my impression and belief, which apparently, was off topic from Elizabeth? But all to relevant for me.

pdwalker said...

I cannot click that link.

Evil exists, I know that for certain now. Delving into the horror will not make it any less real. I'm glad that girl has survived and moved on. That takes some fortitude.

Juice, I'd never be bothered with having a Mormon as a neighbour. They might have started as a wacked out cult started by a con man, but the people it produces are often amazingly good people. That's got to be of some value.

The Jewish priests didn't think much good of that upstart rabble rouser Jesus 2 millennia ago either. Who knows how John Smith will be regarded 2 millennia from now?

Wabano said...

bad extra character in the link...
Here's the correct one:
John C. Bennett and his "Buggery" in the Nauvoo Legion

One of the most dramatic events in the history of Mormonism and homosexuality occurred in the 1840s. John C. Bennett, a recent convert to Mormonism, arrived in Nauvoo, Illinois (then LDS headquarters), and immediately began his rise to ecclesiastical prominence.[33] Within months of his arrival, this infamous scoundrel, cheat, liar, embezzler, and walking diploma mill became a chief advisor to Joseph Smith. After Sidney Rigdon's refusal to allow his daughter to marry Smith polygamously, Bennett was given the title of Assistant President to the Church, placing him above either Smith's first counselor Rigdon or church patriarch, Hyrum Smith. Bennett also became chancellor of the University of Nauvoo, mayor of Nauvoo, and a general in the Nauvoo Legion. But Bennett had a mysterious past, for he had risen to prominent positions in other cities, other social circles, only to be cast out and forced to move on. Rumors of Bennett's past began to circulate in Nauvoo. Men were sent by Joseph Smith to other towns where Bennett had lived, and they returned with sober news: Bennett had a long history as a "homo-libertine", according to Mormon historian Sam Taylor.[34] When the news broke in the leading councils of the church, Bennett drank some poison in what appears to have been a carefully planned attempt at suicide. Being a physician, he would have known exactly how much to take to get sick but not to kill himself. This sham suicide attempt brought forgiveness and sympathy from both Joseph Smith and the church at large.


Wabano said...

No one doubt the uprightness of present day Mormons but there is no doubts that they originated with a mafia of homosexual mountebanks...That polygamous marriage thing was just a cover for lesbian sex and other deviancies so well promoted today by Obama and Hillzilla...

On the other hand, try as they may, today's muslim terrorists cannot beat Mohamed's record...decapitating a thousand people by himself in one day(the Jewish Banu Qureyza tribe in Medina)

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