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What Would Happen Back Then?

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 Wally from New York

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Military Tribunal:  Firing Squad


Pawpaw said...

Somehow we lost the concept of treason. It started about the time Jane (hack, spit) Fonda said Howdy-Do to John McCain the Hanoi Hilton. It's gotten even worse since then. If the concept ever comes back, we're going to spend some time playing catch-up.

Wabano said...

At least McPain did not parachute out of a good plane leaving his two crewmen to die...June last year, 90 years old coward arbusto celebrated his bail out...

Anonymous said...

The last time, at least to my recollection, that we executed anyone for treason was when the Rosenbergs got zapped for peddling atomic secrets to the Russians. And that was back in the 50s. Before that, the Army put a guy (whose name escapes me now) before a firing squad during WWII for treason.

It is long past the time when we need to start executing these assholes for their treasonous activities - starting with the Mullah infesting the White House.


Leonard Jones said...

Anon, that was Pvt Eddie Slovik. I believe that was the last time
a military tribunal sentenced a soldier to death for desertion in
time of war.

Linda Fox said...

Private Slovik

Skoonj said...

Here's a list of persons convicted of treason in the US:
Jonathan Pollard born August 7, 1954 is a former Navy intelligence analyst for the United States government. In 1987, Pollard pleaded guilty to spying for and providing top-secret classified information to Israel, and was sentenced to life in prison.
Walter Allen was convicted of treason on September 16, 1922 for taking part in the 1921 miners war with the coal companies and the US Army on Blair Mountain, West Virginia. He was sentenced to 10 years and fined. During his appealed to the Supreme Court he disappeared while out on bail. United Mineworkers of America leader William Blizzard was acquitted of the charge of treason by the jury on May 25, 1922.
Robert Henry Best, convicted of treason on April 16, 1948 and served a life sentence.
John Brown, convicted of treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1859 and executed for attempting to organize armed resistance to slavery.
Iva Toguri D'Aquino, who is frequently identified with "Tokyo Rose" convicted 1949. Subsequently pardoned by President Gerald Ford.
Governor Thomas Dorr 1844, convicted of treason against the state of Rhode Island; see Dorr Rebellion; released in 1845; civil rights restored in 1851; verdict annulled in 1854.
John Fries, the leader of Fries' Rebellion, convicted of treason in 1800 along with two accomplices, and pardoned that same year by John Adams.
Mildred Gillars, also known as "Axis Sally", convicted of treason on March 8, 1949; served 12 years of a 10- to 30-year prison sentence.
Herbert Hans Haupt, German-born naturalized U.S. citizen, was convicted of treason in 1942 and executed after being named as a German spy by fellow German spies defecting to the United States.
Tomoya Kawakita, sentenced to death for treason in 1952, but eventually released by President John F. Kennedy to be deported to Japan.
Martin James Monti, United States Army Air Forces pilot, convicted of treason for defecting to the Waffen SS in 1944. He was paroled in 1960.
William Bruce Mumford, convicted of treason and hanged in 1862 for tearing down a United States flag during the American Civil War.
Aaron Dwight Stevens, took part in John Brown's raid and was executed in 1860 for treason against Virginia.
Philip Vigol and John Mitchell, convicted of treason and sentenced to hanging; pardoned by George Washington; see Whiskey Rebellion.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio sez:
That "Wabano" post/link/pic is about the stupidest comment I've ever seen on this site. That is, unless it was supposed to be a joke. It sure as hell didn't fit in with the serious, treason subject matter of the other 5 comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ron!

Leonard Jones said...

Anon, the post is that of a delusional leftist twit who knows
so little about history he swallowed some conspiratorial hogwash
about George H W Bush bailing out of his crew, leving them to
die. It was one of the most amateurish hit pices ever, because
they had no understanding of the layout of the aircraft nor the
historical facts.

I will be the first to admit I forgot every rule of grammer,
but this guy's incomprehensible drivel convinces me he is a

Unknown said...

Pvt. Slovik was court-martialed and executed for desertion.
That was then. Nowadays, in our "more enlightened" age, Sgt. (promoted AFTER he deserted; can you figure THAT?) Bowe Bergdahl is celebrated by a (so-called) Commander-in-Chief who, if there were any justice, would himself be charged with multiple counts of treason (among them, multiple counts of giving aid and comfort to the enemy).

Anonymous said...

The best part of Pvt. Slovik's case was having Martin Sheen get executed for the crime :)

Wabano said...

About "Read my lips" Arbusto:
Plut aux dieux que ce fut le dernier de ses crimes!
–Racine, Britannicus


Shortly before the Republican National Convention in 1988, Mierzekewski, by then a 68 year old retired aircraft foreman living in Cheshire, Connecticut, decided to tell his story to Allan Wolper and Al Ellenberg of the New York Post, which printed it as a copyrighted article. [fn 8]

“That guy is not telling the truth,” Mierzejewski said of Bush.

As the rear-looking turret gunner on Commander Melvin’s plane, Mierzejewski had the most advantageous position for observing the events in question here. Since Melvin’s plane flew directly ahead of Bush’s, he had a direct and unobstructed view of what was happening aft of his own plane. When the New York Post reporters asked former Lt. Legare Hole, the executive officer of Bush’s squadron, about who might have best observed the last minutes of the Barbara II, Hole replied: “The turret gunner in Melvin’s plane would have had a good view. If the plane was on fire, there is a very good chance he would be able to see that. The pilot can’t see everything that the gunner can, and he’d miss an awful lot, ” Hole told the New York Post.

Gunner Lawrence Mueller of Milwaukee, another former member of Bush’s squadron who flew on the Chichi Jima mission, when asked who would have had the best view, replied: “The turret gunner of Melvin’s plane.” Mierzejewksi for his part said that his plane was flying about 100 feet ahead of Bush’s plane during the incident – so close that he could see into Bush’s cockpit.

Mierzejewki, who is also a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, told the New York Post that he saw “a puff of smoke” come out of Bush’s plane and quickly dissipate. He asserted that after that there was no more smoke visible, that Bush’s “plane was never on fire” and that “no smoke came out of his cockpit when he opened his canopy to bail out.” Mierzejewski stated that only one man ever got out of the Barbara II, and that was Bush himself. “I was hoping I would see some other parachutes. I never did. I saw the plane go down. I knew the guys were still in it. It was a helpless feeling.”

Wabano said...

Mierzejewski has long been troubled by the notion that Bush’s decision to parachute from his damaged aircraft might have cost the lives of Radioman second class John Delaney, a close friend of Mierzejewksy, as well as gunner Lt. Junior Grade William White. ‘I think [Bush] could have saved those lives, if they were alive. I don’t know that they were, but at least they had a chance if he had attempted a water landing,'” Mierzejewski told the New York Post.

Former executive officer Legare Hole summed up the question for the New York Post reporters as follows: “If the plane is on fire, it hastens your decision to bail out. If it is not on fire, you make a water landing.” The point is that a water landing held out more hope for all members of the crew. The Avenger had been designed to float for approximately two minutes, giving the tailgunner enough time to inflate a raft and giving everyone an extra margin of time to get free of the plane before it sank. Bush had carried out a water landing back in June when his plane had lost oil pressure.

The official- but undated- report on the incident among the squadron records was signed by Commander Melvin and an intelligence officer named Lt. Martin E. Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick is deceased, and Melvin in 1988 was hospitalized with Parkinson’s disease and could not be interviewed. Mierzejewski in early August 1988 had never seen the undated intelligence report in question. “Kilpatrick was the first person I spoke to when we got back to the ship,” he said. “I told him what I saw. I don’t understand why it’s not in the report.”

Gunner Lawrence Mueller tended to corroborate Mierzejewki’s account. Mueller had kept a log book of his own in which he made notations as the squadron was debriefed in the ready room after each mission. For September 2, 1944, Mueller’s personal log had the following entry: “White and Delaney presumed to have gone down with plane.” Mueller told the New York Post that “no parachute was sighted except Bush’s when the plane went down.” The New York Post reporters were specific that according to Mueller, no one in the San Jacinto ready room during the debriefing had said anything about a fire on board Bush’s plane. Mueller said: “I would have put it in my logbook if I had heard it.”

These RINO Rockefellerites shrubbies are every bit as bad as the demon-rats...Papa Bush and fat old Bahbwa are exactly the same as Barry Hussein and Mike Robinson...

Wabano said...

A pilot bailing out on his passengers or crewmen...is there a worse treason?

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio sez:

OK - I'll try this again since BLOGGER cut me off on the first attempt:

To Wabano:

First off, I had never before seen those allegations about Bush Sr's. service. Had I seen it I surely would have investigated and commented appropriately. I have never been a fan of either Bush Sr. or Bush Jr - BUT - 1 year of their total 12 years of presidencies is far better than the sum total of Obama's thus far.

That said, I'd like to have you know that I have the greatest respect for Canada and the Canadian people (That, by your profile, shows where you are located) My question to you is this; What in the hell difference is it to you? Just S-T-F-U and mind your own Liberal politics!

We've got enough problems with our own Lib-O's trying to sell-out my beloved country without a "foreigner" helping.

Leonard Jones said...

Anonymous, you are missing the point, this Wabano guy is a liberal
Millennial twit who believes that JFK was murdered by the CIA (Not
Lee Harvey Oswald,) that we are being poisoned by "Chem-trails," and
that Jesse "The Fraud" Ventura was traipsing though the jungles "Hunting
men," and risking his "Life at least 2 times a day" (By his own words
and implication," and did not spend his entire tour of duty drinking
beer, playing basketball and screwing Filipinas in Subic Bay.

He fits the profile of an unemployed slacker who is still living in
his mothers basement. He is most likely a product of a modern High
School diploma, or worse yet a BA in "Cultural Anthropology" or some
other liberal arts degree. Seeing as how he has added Internet Troll
us resume, he is also most likely homosexual as well. If you look up
"Profile of an Internet Troll," you will probably find his name.

Notice that his cut and paste left wing website search did not contain
either the name of the author, or any sources. Wabano, you need to
try again. www.leftwingparanoiddelusionaldipshits.com did not result
in a hit!

Wabano said...

I pulled stakes from the US after 9/11...I seen the fervor the Detroit muslim community worshiped shrub junior...I was also on one of the first allowed flights(a ferry) after 9/11 and deadheading home, the plane was full of Saudi Nationals in full regalia(Keffieh and burka) heading home in a hurry...Georgie-poo being a WELL known Saudi puppet...I drew my own conclusions...
By the way, Jackass Kennedy was murdered by Castro via Oswald, as anyone with two brain cells know(beside democrats)
As for chemtrails, I've been making them for decades at three five oh...BOY!
I'm a slacker all right, I'm retired and YOU pay for it, Lenny Jones from Infowar...the guys that blame 9/11 on thermite demolition charges...
You are the living proof there is lunatics everywhere, left and right, just as Muslims rule the world now, with one in Washington and another one even more stupid in Ottawa(Daddy Pierre was a nazi during WW II)...Al Qaeda is actually providing security for Maduro in Venezuela(I used to fly there every days), same for Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, with open help from Cuba and stealth support from Washington(Barry Hussein)...Now, Lenny Jonesboy, go back worshiping fat old Bawbwa Boosh, the real ruler of the RINO kingdom, heirs of the Rockefeller Empire...(read my lips, no new taxes!!!)

Wabano said...

By the way..."I dont know the Avenger's lay out?"
I flew a budworm spray season in New Brunswick with the TBM, so I know the thing pretty good...one of our guy burned in it(the Wright engine is not very reliable)...he landed in the bush, the shock paralysed him long enough that he burned in the after fire crash...without the fire he would not have had a scratch, the tough plane was intact.Bush already had ditched one plane.
If you read the article(Lenny Jonesboy is just too stupid to do so) you will see the five different versions that the Rockefeller mafia and Bush used to obfuscate the facts and hide the quasi murders of the crew of that whimp Georgie-poo Arbusto...

Not my business? I'm a US citizen and the democrats have got away with their shit exactly because the Rockefeller RINOs let them get away with it...They are not any better.
They are accomplices and the Lenny Jones morons are provocateurs in their pay.

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