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Why maw, turns out Rather's a hero ...

Democrat Media Monkeys

More Details  About Dan Rather’s Deceptive Reporting on George W. Bush

So now we have a movie titled “Truth,” produced by a company fittingly named Mythology Entertainment.   It portrays Rather and Mapes as journalistic heroes battling the dragons of CBS executives ...

In the early summer of 2004, months before Dan Rather’s day of infamy in September, I stumbled onto a website called “The AWOL Project,” a bloviated screed against President George W. Bush and his Air National Guard service. It got my attention because, from 1970 to 1974, I was a pilot in the same Texas Air Guard unit as Bush. Even had the same squadron commander, the famous Jerry Killian. So I read it. With 33 years of service in the Air Guard, I think I knew a little bit about its workings.

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As I had explained to Lanpher, the OETR item alone was a silver bullet for proving these memos as frauds. If it were a “Columbo” episode, it would be the point where the police take Rather away in handcuffs.
The blogger who created the website, a Democrat activist from Philadelphia named Paul Lukasiak, did a yeoman’s job in assembling released Bush Air Force records and relevant Air Force regulations, but then he distorted and dissembled them to reach egregiously wrong conclusions to incriminate Bush.

It was like examining the Old Testament in great detail and then concluding that Moses was an Egyptian who helped the Pharaoh cast the Jews into barren lands in some ancient holocaust.

Then, in perusing Lukasiak’s work that summer, I found George Washington’s wristwatch.

I came across a chapter he labeled “The OETR Scam.” What the heck is an OETR? I thought. We had “OERs” (Officer Effectiveness Reports), and as a commander I wrote scores of them every year. But an OETR?

Maybe I had missed something, so I did an exhaustive search for that acronym. It simply did not exist. Those letters were the code for the Turiaf Airport in Saudi Arabia. Maybe this involves a baggage tag, but officer effectiveness reports? Never.

So I did a little more research on the webpage and found that one Bush record was labeled “Notice of Missing or Correction Of Officer Effectiveness / Training Report,” a multi-use sheet for both OERs and training reports. But Lukasiak did not notice that a hole punch at the top had punched out the “/” (slash). Hence, he mistook it for “Officer Effectiveness Training Report” and created the acronym “OETR.” At the time, I dismissed it as one of many Lukasiak errors and misrepresentations in that blog and put it out of my mind.

It seemed like old news about a simple typo. Nothing to see here.

But the point is that, until it was accidently created by Lukasiak in July 2004, the acronym never existed.

There was no way the acronym OETR could appear in a 1973 Killian memo when that acronym was not created until July 2004.

And there was no way it could be in the famous Lucy Ramirez Cattle Show documents in March 2004.

It was a silver bullet. When I saw that acronym again late in the September night of the CBS “60 Minutes” show, I knew the memos could not be any more real than George Washington’s digital wristwatch. And I knew immediately where the forger got his information to create the documents.

In a barely coherent ramble on an Aug. 25, 2004, blog post, Bill Burkett described how he had just discovered the Lukasiak website and had new “files which we have reassembled,” which propagated the OETR error into the Killian memos. Every item in Burkett’s memos can be traced to a reference on that website.

In those early hours after the Rather “60 Minutes” exposé, the national focus was rightly and understandably on anachronistic typographic oddities in the documents. But those typos did not corroborate or determine the accuracy or authenticity of the documents or the content therein. This is why even today, so many think the memos were real.

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So now we have a movie titled “Truth,” produced by a company fittingly named Mythology Entertainment. It portrays Rather and Mapes as journalistic heroes battling the dragons of CBS executives, the Thornburgh-Boccardi panel, the Bush White House, pajama-clad bloggers, and real witnesses.
The OETR clue was but one fatal flaw in the Killian memo saga. There were many more scattered throughout those memos, and they didn’t have anything to do with typeface and superscripts that the movie and most of the commentaries have obsessed over.  They will have to await a future posting.
Dan Rather’s “60 Minutes” fraud will be a permanent stain on the self-exalting yet frequently failing profession of journalism. But the blame for it even happening, and its continuing longevity, does not fall only to Rather and Mapes.

It's what they do now; have done since Alger Hiss; and will continue to do as long as we allow them to control the "truth." Click.  Ahem.  Click


Rip Tide said...

A lie is half way around the world before truth can put its boots on.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly, on such a more basic level, anyone that ever served in the military knows that what they are describing would never bring up the term AWOL. It would be UA (unauthorized absence) which at best would bring an ass chewing and working the entire day at the Navy Relief bake sale on Saturday. Now not showing up for the bake sale, that is a firing squad level offense. The military lives and dies on it's bake sales. -Anymouse

rwnutjob said...

Interview with the attorney who discovered the font discrepancy. Funny.

Anonymous said...

Someday I will travel to Kansas City just to piss on Walter Cronkite's grave. His lies caused the death of millions.

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