Friday, December 18, 2015

Bad Words

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"It's tough to summon sufficiently negative language to describe the unfunny, desperate mess that is Bad Words"  (* ½ out of four; rated R; opening Friday in select cities). USA TODAY film critic Claudia Puig

Bateman plays a middle-aged eighth grade dropout who enters the National Golden Quill Spelling Bee through a loophole. USA critic Claudia Puig is a humorless twat; Bad Words is, at minimum, 3.5****.  It WILL make you laugh.  It will also (probably) make you wish that some of the language was toned down, but fukit; it's a joy overall.  Even MoSup liked it.  The biggest distraction I had was caused by Jason Bateman being Mark Turgeon's doppelganger.  Streams on HBO

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FishStyx said...

I enjoyed it for the light entertainment fluff that it was.
Always refreshing to see someone throw social mores to the wind and watch the offended parties heads explode.
Enoying Bateman as he gets older. Dunno why...
Thanks for the recommendation Roger!

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