Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Erick Erickson Buh-Bye


I guess as the new guy in charge, the unenviable task of bidding goodbye to the man who made this site what it is falls to me. In that respect, I feel probably much as John Adams must have felt when he heard George Washington was going to call it quits, or maybe how Aaron Rodgers must have felt when he heard that Brett Favre was actually leaving the Green Bay Packers – full of excitement, if an excitement tinged with fear about screwing a great thing that a good friend has built.

Erick has always been careful to note the work of Josh Trevino, Ben Domenech, and Mike Krempasky in founding RedState, and we all owe a debt of gratitude to our founders. But no one who’s been involved with the site over the years would deny that it’s been Erick’s tireless work that has grown the site to something much more than what it was when it started. [Full]

In 2009  Erick Erickson called retiring U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice David Souter a "goat fucking child molester."  He now admits it wasn't his finest moment, but it put him on my "brilliant mind" radar screen.  His RED STATE blog was one of my favorites; he spoke for me 99% of the time.  Didn't agree with his excluding Trump from his Atlanta event, and I hated his guts for the way he treated Sarah Palin, but them's a few fish in a big ocean.  Eric sold RED STATE supposedly to devote more time to his radio show.  I didn't know he had one. So there's that. Life goes on.


Sonoboy said...

I listen to Erick every afternoon here in the Metro Atlanta area on WSB from 5-7 PM Eastern time. And yes, quite a few of us were mad and could not understand the DISinvited Trump event. But I think Erick is slowly coming around to the notion (as are others) that while we may not agree with Trumps methods, a change in the party has to begin somehow, and if Trump is the conveyance of that method, well, so be it.

Erick stated he'll be starting a new website soon, so you will still be able to access his thoughts there. I think he said it will be up and running after the new year begins. I believe he called it 'Resurgence'?... but don't hold me to that.

here's a link to his radio show:

Anonymous said...

Eric is a asshole and always has been, IMHO. He's a misogynist and Sarah Palin wasn't and hasn't been his only target. Palin may have been his frequent and favored target but ask Nikki Haley about him. Eric took a daily dish of bullshit from some 3rd rate blogger and republished them on Redstate as a daily diet of bullshit. The blogger who isn't worth mentioning here, promised all sorts of evidence regarding his allegations, but of course never produced any. Nor did Eric ever retract anything he repeated in his columns.

When he hosted the Redstate convention in Charleston, Rick Perry was invited to make his announcement there, and Eric managed to stick it to him also, and lately Trump.

Now that he's gone, I'm looking for to returning to Redstate and pick up where I left off years ago. They have so much better contributors than Eric and have for years. In the meantime, don't let the door hit you in the ass Eric, Adios punk!


Skoonj said...

Geo, I have a similar opinion of Eric, based on far less than you posted. I the past week he substituted for Rush Limbaugh. How did he do? I don't know. I didn't listen.

Anonymous said...

Skoonj, sorry I didn't listen to it. I turned it on thinking Mark Steyn would be on, when I heard Eric was subbing I turned it off. My TV remote has tbe same reflex everytime he is on Fox also.


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