Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Poo-Pourri Magic


I bought Poo-Poo Pourri as soon as I heard about it several years ago.  We have a powder room off the den, and I noticed guests were loathe to use it because, I guess, they feared leaving with a noxious odor wafting about their persons.  And, over the years it's seems to have worked.  But there's another use for it.  I'm always finding leftovers, especially meats in the fridge, that have maybe a tiny odor.  You know.  I had to throw them away.  But wait.  I've found that a mist of Poo-Poo Pourri left  them smelling like just off-the-cow/pig.   Saves a lot of entertainment $$.

You're welcome

PS: Men
spray your underpants too!


Anonymous said...

Men—spray your underpants too!
Men-change your underpants more than once/month!

Wabano said...

Pot pourri mean bucket of shit in french...

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