Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Skip Church or .... else?

Santa Claus has a message for Americans: "Go ahead and skip church and simply be good for goodness' sake."

Atheist Santa, that is.

The American Atheists announced Monday that it was posting billboards in the Raleigh, N.C. and Colorado Springs, Co. with the anti-church message.

"Last year's billboard showed a child writing a letter to Santa, telling him that all she wanted for Christmas was to skip church. This year, Santa wrote back," said David Silverman president of American Atheists.

"It is important for these folks who are on the fence about their beliefs to know that they can take that first big step and leave church," said Nick Fish, national program director of American Atheists. "There are tens of millions of atheists in this country. We're everywhere. And we don't need church or gods to tell us how to be good people."

I, for one, and believe I'm in the majority here, don't give a rat's ass about what faith people do or do not adhere to, including the atheist religion being promulgated by these left-wing mofos.  Yes, atheism is a religion ("a particular system of faith and worship") for them. So, lets do a little critical thinking here.  Why?  What's motivating them?  It seems to me that ordinary people who don't believe in God simply ignore it.  It's called live and let live. Historically, proactive wars against religion are conducted by statists (totalitarian) governments.  They are every bit the menace as theocracies.  These are either bad people, or true believers searching for relevancy.  In any case, they are my enemy, and from that same ilk who want people imprisoned who don't buy into man caused climate change, et al.  MFCS.


Anonymous said...

Leftists will always let you know what they fear. And one loathes what they fear.

Tom Smith said...

True. They fear guns, religion, and individual rights.

Anonymous said...


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