Monday, January 12, 2015

OSU giving 14

Oregon has one Heisman QB; Ohio State had three.  From that I can interpolate that OSU will have more depth at all positions and beat Oregon 42-28.  

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If Illegal Aliens Are Looking For Work, or Say They Are, They Are A Protected Class

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio cannot use identity theft law to enforce immigration law according to a federal judge.

Sheriff Arpaio will make arrests based on a law and then judges shoot it down for the sake of illegal aliens, making them a protected class at the expense of the safety of citizens.

The open borders crowd says the illegal aliens are paying into the tax system and they should be allowed to work with fake IDs
Lawsuits come from left-wing groups or the government who do not have our interests at heart and who advocate for open borders.

A federal appeals court recently said it was illegal to deny bail to immigrants in the country illegally even though they don’t show up in court more than 90% of the time. A citizen at risk of fleeing, however, would be denied bail.

The far left wants to make immigrating here illegally as inviting as possible.

On Monday, an Arizona federal judge (Appointed by George W. Bush on March 13, 2003) blasted a state law that “stretched” the crime of Aidentity theft to include everyone from forgers to people seeking employment with fraudulent IDs.

Many of the IDs illegal aliens use are stolen.

Usually, a state law that does not conflict with federal law stands, but in this case, the liberal judge shot down the Arizona law using semantic machinations.

This puts Americans at risk for identity theft which drastically affects one’s credit rating among other things.

The judge in this case, U.S. District Judge David Campbell ordered Arizona to give drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens last month.

The open borders crowd says the illegal aliens are paying into the tax system and they should be allowed to work with fake IDs. The logic of that escapes me. Most don’t pay taxes and, if they do, the job was gotten illegally and they shouldn’t be rewarded for it.

The open borders activists also believe there are no Americans available for the jobs which is hard to believe since there are more than 92 million Americans out of the workforce. Illegal aliens are now taking higher level jobs, not simply jobs no one wants.

In fact, all the jobs added since Obama took office equal the number taken by immigrants, legal and illegal.

It’s obvious this is just another way to invite people to come here illegally.

If the people coming here illegally were predominantly Republicans, the borders would be closed and the far left would be rounding them up to send them home.

cuzzin ricky

Another bizarre ruling from a court trying it seems to please the Obama Justice Dept. Judge Campbell was appointed by Bush 43, and he is a Mormon.  Not the CV of your ordinary anti-constitutionalist.  But. when presented with a puzzle he took the short cut.

Maybe a bit of lèse-majesté (local sheriff trying to school the federal bench gets bitch-slapped) in play here?  How can using false identities ever, ever, be justified unless it's our guys trying to infiltrate SMERSH?  Maybe the courts are cowed by Obama's use of false birth data and Social Security number; i.e. not wanting to be viewed as rabble rousing. 

Common sense dictates if you're going to place a statue of someone in the town square, and your choices are Sheriff Joe or Jose Morales O'Hare (born in Tijuana Iowa), who do you go with?  It's that easy.