Saturday, February 28, 2015

Radical Islamo MOFO Speech

  and other wetbacks

Tip sent earlier in the week and noted, but I forgot the doner? Also noteable: WashPost says Global Warming Tides Will Carry Screaming Eskimos Out to Sea

PS- someone also sent me a joke earlier in the week and I lost it ....

The Usual Suspects

                                      "Please don't hurt us"


GOP scrambles to keep Obamacare subsidies flowing in case of Supreme Court victory

Tailgunner Dick Gets Taught

BARN ARMY TRAINING                                  

The  Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick Story

Starring Burgess Meredith as "dick"
and Ronald Reagan as TRKOF

As hokie as some of them are, including this one,  I love these old WWII training films, and there's a treasure trove of them now on the "Tube"

A cat, corpse, and a coven

You Look Mahvelous