Thursday, March 05, 2015

Tortilla Pizza


Ten minute thin crust pizza

  Put a flour tortilla into an oiled skillet and cook until bottom looks like this.
Put cheese and toppings on.

  Remember, onions and mushrooms are mostly water, so throw themwhat the hell, throw everything (but the cheese) into the skillet until they've had some shrinkage.  Remember though, this is thin crust so a few toppings are best. I like spinach, mushrooms, onions and pepperoni.

Put pizza under a broiler for  a few minutes
until you like the color.

Eat.  Whole process takes less than 10 minutes.  Said and done.

You're welcome

And that's the way it was ...

Some winters are “bone-chilling,” like this one has been, others are mild, and some like the 1972-1973 winter started early and harsh, but grew surprising mild. That was the same year Walter Cronkite was “the most trusted man in America” in 1972, according to polls. A 2009 CBS obituary for the journalist said, “Cronkite was the biggest name in television news, the king of the anchormen; in fact, he was the reporter for whom the term ‘anchorman’ was coined.

On Sept. 11, 1972, Cronkite cited scientists’ predictions that there was a “new ice age” coming. He called that prediction from British scientist Hubert Lamb “a bit of bad news.”

“But now -- unearthed from bowels of media archives -- comes none other than Walter Cronkite reporting on fears of a coming ice age in 1972. Having Cronkite's image and face discussing global cooling fears reveals the fickleness of the climate change claims.”

“Climate fear promoters switched effortlessly from global cooling fears in the 1970s to global warming fears in the 1980s. In the present day, the phrase 'global warming' has lost favor in favor of 'climate change' or 'global climate disruption' or even 'global weirding,’ Morano added. “'Settled science' has never seemed so unsettled.”

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Students of Ho-Chi-Cronkite's political agenda know that, had he lived longer, he would today be standing four-square with statist climate liars.  But he's dead. Say amen.

mardi gras in nebraska +

'Tis the season

If I stick a twig up me arse ...


a major award                                                 

Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring Chants

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu went before a joint session of Congress to share his concerns about current U.S. negotiations with Iran which would (to paraphrase ever so slightly) allow that whackjob terrorist nation to become the Middle East's ubiquitous Starbucks of nuclear weapons in the near future.

One would think that this would make for pretty compelling listening, no matter which political party an elected representative belongs to. But then again, "thinking" is sooOOoo overrated - at least when it comes to the Democrats.

Presidential hopeful and alleged Native American princess Elizabeth "Running Gag" Warren was among the dozens of Dems who boycotted Netanyahu's speech in order to show their support for Obama. Or maybe their support for a nuclear Iran, which is basically the same thing.

Of course, that's not what they claimed to be doing. Democratic Senator Al "Seriously, I Used To Be On Saturday Night Live" Franken said he was skipping the speech because it was a "partisan spectacle" and others sniffed that they found it offensive that Netanyahu would speak to Congress now because he's running for re-election and the whole thing reeks of politics.

It's revealing that they assume everyone running for office must be lying their butts off.

But it's unforgivable that they've chosen to play politics by insulting and ignoring a critically important American ally. [Full]


Searching for words here boss.  The best I can do is: If you voted for this crazy squaw, or any of her tribe, you will not be invited to my crab feast.

Drunk History:Percy Julian

Cinema ala carte                                    


Percy Julian Creates Progesterone From a Bean - Drunk .

Have you seen this?  Comedy Central's "Drunk History?"  The premise is that an inebriated narrator struggles to recount an event from American history, while actors enact the narrator's anecdote and lip sync the dialog (Wiki). The lip syncing is key, and it's spot on.  Anyway, I first ran across this "Alabama" segment, and laughed out loud.  This was approximately 1 AM, and it woke people.  Sorry. All of the episodes seem to be available on You Tube, but none that I tried were better than this Percy Julian segment.  It's not quite up to the  Documentary film: Black Astronauts & NASSA standard, which is the best spoof ever made, but it's close.  Hey.  We need  laughs.