Thursday, March 05, 2015

Tortilla Pizza


Ten minute thin crust pizza

  Put a flour tortilla into an oiled skillet and cook until bottom looks like this.
Put cheese and toppings on.

  Remember, onions and mushrooms are mostly water, so throw themwhat the hell, throw everything (but the cheese) into the skillet until they've had some shrinkage.  Remember though, this is thin crust so a few toppings are best. I like spinach, mushrooms, onions and pepperoni.

Put pizza under a broiler for  a few minutes
until you like the color.

Eat.  Whole process takes less than 10 minutes.  Said and done.

You're welcome


Helly said...

Good Lord. Which parallel universe is this coming from?

My pizza reality.

On an unrelated but much happier culinary note, I just cracked our 2015 jug of Cattlemen's Gold. Off the shelf for $11 at Sam's Club Bradenton. Life is good.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

We like Red Baron Classic Crust in a pinch too, Helly. And, I ain't never heard of Cattleman's Gold?? Mustard based?

Anonymous said...

In spite of his politics, Maurice Bessinger made some damn good BBQ. His 'Carolina Gold' was (in my opinion) the standard if you like a mustard based sauce. A boycott near wiped out its availability except on line.

Helly said...

We like Red Baron Classic Crust in a pinch too

OK, that was funny. In a RKOF way.

This is not funny: The raw truth about great pizza crust.

I ain't never heard of Cattleman's Gold??

I always knew this day would come. You and I have been chatting about it for years. Responding to my grief about flying it back to Vermont, you pointed me to a source online. But starting all over from the beginning can be fun too.

Long ago, but not too far away, at Sam's on a Friday afternoon, I saw an old Black guy trying take 3 -- and then struggling -- 4 gallons of the sauce off the rack. He was in a garage work suit and clearly worn down after a long work week. I thought he was going to hurt himself.

Later by chance, I queued up behind him and his flatbed cart heaping with 300 pounds of various pork items. So I asked, "Sir, you seem to like that BBQ sauce?" He replied, "My customers are addicted to it." Further questioning revealed he helped fund his church with highly profitable weekend luncheons. With that sauce, he had never failed to sell every ounce of his product.

I never found his church, but since that fateful day in 2006, I have never been without Cattlemen's Gold; expense be damned. It wasn't cheap moving to Longboat from Vermont.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the crumbled up bacon. drummermanrick

Anonymous said...

Helly, does that gold cook up like the mustard ribs they serve in Charleston? If so I just found religion -Anymouse

Darrell said...

Looks like an unfolded quesadilla.

A local place makes what they call paninos, which are basically pizzas rolled up like burritos. So there. They're really good, btw.

Unknown said...

That's not "cooking", in the same sense as Hemingway's assessment of Kerouac: "That's not writing, that's typing."

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Helly, your comment above was tagged as spam bt Google. That's said, as I recall, it wasn't Cattleman's Gold I found for you, it was Cattleman's Red. As witness this converastion.

Never mind.

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