Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There's No Place Like Utopia; Problem

When Progressives are in charge                            
There's No Place Like Utopia

'Utopia' shows what happens to cities under 'progressives' 'Everything
had changed for the worse ... no one was progressing' utopia-film

Joel Gilbert's 2014 documentary film, "There's No Place Like Utopia," depicts Barack Obama as the wizard in an Oz-like story that offers some surprises.
  • Such as that Peggy Joseph – the Florida voter who became infamous during the 2008 presidential campaign for saying Barack Obama would "pay for my gas and my mortgage" – no longer supports the president.
"Obama has made promise after promise that have all turned out to be empty, all turned out to be lies," said Gilbert. "The people I met who supported him were literally in dungeons in the witch's castle, everything had changed for the worse – Detroit, South Side Chicago, Newark.

"Fifty years of progressive control over these cities demonstrated that no one was progressing, they were all regressing."

The movie takes viewers on a journey of discovery across America, emulating the highly successful style of progressive filmmaker Michael Moore.

In it, Gilbert depicts Barack Obama as "the Wizard" in the Land of Oz.

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You can watch the full movie on Amazon, for one. I watched about 20 minutes and will give it a B for production value.  The problem with it is this.  Who's the market? 

The Choir?
Is there one  person here with the slightest doubt about what the "Utopian State" means to deliver?   And does not understand the methods used to employ it?  Who will not have seen, heard and understood every example given, including Peggy Joseph's idiocy?  We've seen it all.  Throwing  in some naked women, maybe with Rachel Maddow having sex with Ed Schulz might hold an audience.  I don't know.

Obama supporters?
Certainly not.  Even if they were somehow induced to watch, at the first criticism of Progressive policy they'd scream "racist" and run off to Snopes to have some fact refuted ala carte.  Hopeless.

So, what does it take to get the message across?  I have no real idea.  At some point they'll be taken by the IR
Schutzstaffe for interrogation.  Maybe for some apostasy, like criticizing the government demand that they install CCTV cameras in their homes. That might drive the message home.  But even there, they are just as likely to applaud the government's crime fighting initiative and happily comply. So, bottom line, and in our own self sefense, we just have to kill them all (oh stop, I meant that in the good way).  Sorry.

Donna Edwards, YIKES!

Beating Dead Horses Because They Aren't Really Dead
should be, but they ain't

Oh goody.  Donna Edwards is, thanks to Democrat gerrymandering, my congress critter.  Unless she's challenged by the Sarbanes (50 yr old) kid, I'd say she's automatic.  I say that because, statewide, nobody knows who the hell she is; so if Rep. John Sarbanes goes for it, he's a shoe-in   Why? This is how the Baltimore Sun announced John Sarbanes bid for congress:

Eventually, the family business would have an opening. When Paul Sarbanes announced last year that he would not be seeking a sixth term, Democratic Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin declared his candidacy for the seat. Sarbanes lives in Cardin's district.

Maryland voters still think Paul Sarbanes is who they're voting for.  And Family business, said with nary a blush,  says everything about elected Democrats today. Because,
like any good businessmen they want to see the business grow. You see the problem. They do not.  But I digress. 

Sen. Barbara 
Mikulski, like Sen. Paul Sarbanes had a formula.  Stay under the radar; don't do anything.  In Sarbane's case it was something of a joke, in my mind anyway, that every six-years the Sunpapers would remind Marylanders that he was running for another six years, and while he was not much in the public eye, he was seen by his colleagues in the Senate as behind-the-scenes cerebral.  For her part, Mikulski who to my knowledge never did anything but vote 100% Lib, was seen by her colleagues as a 4'11" martinet with an "in-your-face style" that made her office a hotbed of fear. When something wasn't done just right (i.e., a desk with a stool for her feet) she'd "flip out."  Also called a bitch. In 1985 I met a (female) school teacher from, I think, Catonsville who was Mikulski's lover.  I wasn't so much scandalized to discover that Mikulski was a lesbian as that anyone could possibly want to put their face into hers, let alone nether regions.  Ugh.

Anyway, if I thought Edward's leaving her House seat for the senate would help get us representation that was even close to AA County's general conservatism, I'd be okay.  But there's scant chance of that.  No, the only hope we have here in Maryland is for a meteor to fall on a car carrying, preferably, both senators so our Republican Gov. can appoint me (and a friend?) to the Senate. 

Quick Puff Pastry Pot Pie


Bot Poi

PREP 1 hr 15 mins
COOK 45 mins

From Alton Brown on NetFlix;A Bird In The Pie Is Worth Two In The Bush (Episode: EA1415H), came this recipe for Individual Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Pastry.  I suppose I'll do this again since eveyone liked it, but even with the experience of having made it, there is no way this is a 2 hour deal (more like 4 hours, first time anyway); the crust dough alone requires one hour of refigertion.  That said, learning how to make this quick puff pastry is worth the exercise.  Next time I'll add another 1/2 cup of chicken broth, or perhaps wine to it.  And next time I'll follow the recipe and use just one egg, not two, in the egg wash.  You're welcome.