Saturday, March 14, 2015

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Refereeing by the Marx Brothers

The B1G
Refereeing by the Marx Brothers

I want to get this indulgence out of the way while the Terps have a 8-game win streak, so as not to sound sour grapey.

For a conference as generally well run as is the B1G to have officiating as bad as what I've seen this year is disappointing.  ACC officiating, what I'm used to, while occasionally corrupt if you were playing Duke or UNC, was very good.  This, what I've seen this year,  smacks of gross
unbiasedincompetence.  Otherwise, the B1G is aces.  Except for thier BTN2Go App, which is just horrid. But no buyer remorse on everything else.  Thank You.


Kool-az Lessons Ala Carte

Poor Man's Soo Vede

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Poor Man's Soo Vede

Total Time: 10 hours

Active Time: 30 mins -- mostly calibrating

Makes: 2-6 servings

I’ve pondered buying expensive sous vide equipment, but found I can get the job done quite well with appliances I already have that would cost under $100 —a good quality digital thermometer (ideally one with a probe on a wire) and an electric wok or skillet with an old fashioned analog temperature control.

The analog control is essential. A digital control with low-medium-high like is found in crock pots is not going to do it. The old fashioned dial control on your mom’s electric skillet —the one with that curious metal spike coming out of it — is the kind you need.

The magic of this technique is once you’ve brought your food to cooking temperature (say 145-50) using a precise digital thermometer, you should be able to get your cheap, simple analog control to maintain it at that temperature with accuracy that is plenty good enough for excellent results. (PoorMan's Soo Vede cont.)

I've been wanting to try soo vede for awhile, but about the cheapest you can get into it is $100 for what is prolly crap.  Then I found Poor Man's Soo Vede and gave it a try.  We've had that Rival skillet for years and hardly ever used it. The pic is pretty much explanatory, but bottom line is that the result was quite satisfactory.  I let it cook soo vede for about 12 hours and had just one complaint.  I like my soup a little hotter than 140°, but 2 minutes in the microwave fixed that right up. 

You're welcome.
(Eat your heart out Helly)