Monday, May 25, 2015


Semper Fi

Eagle on Tombstone
Taken at the National Cemetery  in Minneapolis on a June morning as it appeared in the Minneapolis  Star/Tribune

   Tom Mann

The Right Stuff



Tom Selleck stars as Frank Reagan, the chief of police in New York and patriarch of the Reagan clan, a multigenerational family of cops. Frank's oldest son is Danny, a seasoned detective and Iraqi War veteran who occasionally uses dubious tactics to solve cases. Daughter Erin, the lone female, is an assistant district attorney. Fresh out of Harvard Law, Jamie is the youngest member and "golden boy" of the family. Jamie gave up a lucrative future in law to continue the family's tradition in police work, and is asked to participate in a secretive investigation that even his father does not know about.

I've mentioned that Blue Bloods has become our all time favorite dinner series, primarily because we always feel good at the end.  Here's a clip from  the episode (Loss of Faith) we watched last night (Netflix) that's representative.  In this instance a nice Catholic girl dies because she retrograded to Islam.  The obvious suspect is the the hateful, radical brother of the  Muslim  kid she fell for (an honor killing).  Not. Her father accidentally strangled her whilst trying to stop her from leaving home.

Every show ends at the family dinner table, and here's a situation where we might expect a wholesale Hollywood rant about homophobic, Islamo hating right-wing fanatic mo-fkrs.  But no; there is room to recognize cultural differences (and subtle disapprobation for certain parties, ahem),  but a need to accommodate where we can.  With humor. 

Philosophy; Cartman

Missing Bill

                 I GET MAIL

It doesn't matter  what party you belong to - this is good natured political humor from a show on Canadian TV, where Ian Brown, a black commedian,  said he misses Bill Clinton.

"Yep, that's right -      I miss Bill Clinton *He was the closest thing we ever got to having a real black man as

*He played the sax.

*He smoked      weed.

*He had his way with      ugly white women.

*Even now? Look at him ... His wife works, and he doesn't!  And, he gets a check from the government every month.

*Manufacturers   announced today that they will be stocking America 's shelves this week  with " Clinton Soup," in honor of one of the nations' distinguished men. It consists primarily of a hot dog in hot water.

*Chrysler Corporation is adding a new car to its line to honor Bill Clinton. The Dodge Drafter will be built in Canada.

*When asked what he   thought about foreign affairs, Clinton replied, "I don't know, I never  had one."

*The Clinton revised  judicial oath: "I solemnly swear to tell the truth as I know it, the  whole truth as I believe it to be, and nothing but what I think you need  to know."

*Clinton will be      recorded in history as the only President to do Hanky Panky between the   Bushes.

Diane Lyons

Tar Heel Squelch


cinema à la carte                                 

I won't kid you; it's obvious why I might have been drawn to "CASHBACK."  Twice.  I like retail store movies.  Seriously.  I watched "Career Opportunities" several times back in the day, and really liked The Good Girl.   The supermarket scene in Animal House was a triumph. Even more srsly, someone recently recommended it to me, and when I pulled it up on Netflix I discovered I'd rated it with 4 stars and then forget about it.  I watched it again Saturday night. Now I give it 5 stars.  Yes, there are naked girls, but I swear, I found them no more prurient than walking through an art galley where nudes are displayed. I'd watch it during Lent.  This is a just a technically sound, subtly hilarious, and well executed film. All of you except for some will agree with me. You're welcome.