Tuesday, June 02, 2015

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Lately, people at the liquor store have been saying (churlishly),  "Say Rodge!  Are you doing a Blog or what?"  I say yes, why?  They say, "because you'd never know it. " I say, that's because I noticed that the really good condimentrists, like Ann Coulter, only do one column a week; but that column is always special.  The topics are timely, the satire delicious, and facts are aways at least 99% factual; and I agree with everything because it makes sense!"  So they say, "Okay, so where's your weekly column?"

Good point.  Here it  is.

Lately I've had a good deal of problem dealing with these people.  The people who are in the news.  All of them.  All the Democrats and most of the Republicans are skunks and liars. They should all be shot.  And not just them.  If I was the leader I'd go into every prison and if an inmate had a gang tattoo I'd have them shot because gang tats are only "worn" by people who've killed someone; so they're guilty. And I'd shoot everyone in the media too, except for some.  I mean it.

And from now on colleges will only be able to field teams which members are from their state.  The facts are there to support me.

And what's this where we are plagued by endless special interest groups that subscribe to one cockamamie idea or another?  These people, who are freaks, and who in olden times were just ignored, or openly ridiculed or shot.   Now, if you criticize them, you're the bad guy.  Screw them .  The facts will support me in this.

I didn't mention the guy in the White House  because it makes me ill to think about him being there.  He's a liar and a crook and I'd arrest him.  And I'd fire Mike Krusheschkee the Duke coach for being a liar and a cheat. 

All girls would have to produce an intact hymen before they are  allowed to register to vote. No more screwing around; it's how out founding fathers wanted it. We need to get back to basics.

The NRA will be in charge of gun laws since they at least know how to handle firearms; like our founding fathers.

Muslims are allowed but only if they promise to convert to Christianity; all the rest will be deported. And drones are illegal.  Flat tax of 11%.  IRS abolished.  Okay.

This is not satire.  I mean it.

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