Monday, June 08, 2015

The Big Itch Is A Bitch

Been itching to see you

As an aside, I've had a poison ivy rash that will match or surpass anything you'll see in this gallery.   My Doc put me on 2 weeks of  steroids a few days ago. (May 28)

It morphed into contact dermatitis, which sounds a lot more benign than it feels. Sumbitch moved to my first dance partner (left palm) on Friday.  By yesterday was so swollen I could not close my fist.  Hurt like a sob. Right arm throbbed enough that I had to take some Percocet.  MoSup drove me to the ER.  They had to cut my wedding ring off to which I quipped, to nobody's apparent amusement, "I can go the singes bar again!."  Last night I slept for 6 hours (my Fit Bit logs sleep/restlessness).  That's the most night sleep I've had in a month.  Been averaging 2-3 hours. Took a three hour nap already too. 

Moral:  None that I can think of, off-hand; sht happens.  Thanks for the well wishing.