Friday, June 26, 2015

The Thousand Yard Stare


Headless Nancy

Dick Louden's Cathartic Moment
aka - "Nancy Loses Her Head"

I just stumbled on this oldie.  I think it's my best work ever.

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The Confederate Battle Flag

Beating Dead Horses Because They Aren't Really Dead
should be, but they ain't

The Confederate Battle Flag
Clinton-Gore Sign, 1992

This fairly sums up my feelings on the subject, evenbegrudginglythe "good neighbor" part (with the caveat that their current dudgeon is entirely due to ignorance).  And,  I must once again invoke  Shelby Foote. 

Once the flag is gone, the left will advance to the next issue then the next issue, etc. They won’t compromise. There is no compromise. There is only conversion or censorship with the left.

But I also think if you proudly fly the Confederate battle flag and call yourself a Christian, you need to ask yourself how you are being a good neighbor to the black family down the street, next door, or on the other side of town whose ancestors were enslaved under that flag and whose parents or grandparents faced down white men in the streets waving that flag as an act of rebellion against voting rights.

None of this really matters though. Because the issue is now politicized, you might as well buy stock in companies that produce the Confederate battle flag. They’re going to get a lot of orders from people who equate raising the stars and bars with raising the middle finger toward liberals up north.  [The Confederate Battle Flag]

*Also, records show that Mayberry have voted a straight Republican ticket since 1952.

It just dawned on me why Mayberry was so peaceful and quiet ...

.... nobody was married.

Here are the single people that come to mind: Andy, Aunt Bea, Barney, Floyd, Howard, Goober, Bomer, Sam, Ernest T Bass, the Darlin family, Helen, Thelma Lou, Clara...

In fact the only one married was Otis, and he stayed drunk
. *

*Records also show that Mayberry have voted a straight Republican ticket since 1952.