Monday, August 17, 2015

A movie with some Teeth


cinema à la carte                                 

'If only I had teeth down there, ...'

AWK! NSFW Rollover

Was perusing Yideo yesterday and came across that summation for "Teeth."  Of course I was compelled to check it out ( Neflix).  Yes, it's as bad a movie as you'd expect.  In fact, so bad that had it been filmed in B&W,  one could easily believe it was a  companion to 1950's  Reefer Madness; acting and scripting are dead on. 

We had a house full of company however, and host obligations forced me to tear myself away after 26 minutes (I only wanted to see the roll-over part anyway).  But, what a stitch!  Since Teeth was made in 2007, I think it quite possible that Dr. Sonnet Ehlers was the movie's inspiration, and that she herself was inspired by Lorena Bobbit.  The movie captures Feminazi thought beautifully, so I suspect whatever box office success Teeth  enjoyed was 90% was their doing.

Finally, and this is very unkind, but  "I wouldn't f*** Dawn with your d***" ran constant through my mind, so I never could see myself as the victim, and hence was not really able to internalize any threat. Your mileage may differ.