Saturday, September 19, 2015

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More Islamo Clocks

The punishment for riding on the same bike as a boy

UPDATE: The surprise will come if  Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed  fails to win the  Nobel Peace Prize.

Father of Muslim teen arrested for clock previously battled Fla. Koran burner, has run for president of Sudan twice

In 2010, and again this year, the busy dad was nominated and ran for president of his native North African country from his home in Texas.

A comment in my ‘ISLAMOPHOBIA’ CLOCK' post led me to this video; and a comment there led me to news that the kid's father has run for the president of Sudan twice, and made a name for himself in the Muslim community as a true believer.  Now, IMO, Sudan is just behind Somalia in nations that ought be turned into sheets of glass, so I am not really receptive to pleas for moderation when it comes to Muslims in America.  Not saying they're all bad; am saying that like the Sicilian Mafia, Chinese Tong, and Columbian drug cartels,  to cross Islamo radicals means death. Unless, and until, governments zealously cut the heads off this snake ... .  Ahem.