Thursday, October 29, 2015

FLT 800, et al


As previously mentioned, I find Smithsonian's "Air Disasters" series compelling. Very.  I just watched VANISHED.  An Airbus A330, traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, vanished somewhere over the Atlantic. After two years of scouring the ocean floor they finally recover the two black boxes and discover the reason. 

Ice crystals temporarily clogged the device that measures air speed.  A common occurrence that will self correct in about a minute if level flight is maintained.  However, the Auto Pilot is automatically disengaged with an audible warning,  What happened was that the experienced head plilot had taken a sleep brake, leaving two "2nd officers" in charge.  When the alarm sounded, one pulled back on the yoke to gain altitude which, in the rarefied air at 35,000 feet put the plane into a stall.  Duh. The pilots, instead of nosing down to gain airspeed and lift,  kept it nose high while it fell 13,000 ft/min, kerplunk.  The reason?   Air France pilots had grown so used to the Auto Pilot that they had not been trained on manual flight in this event.  I am not making this up. 

Another reason I so love this series is that every episode is solved using using data.  Blame is put without fear of embarrassing any person, company, or manufacturer. And guess what?  So far not a single crash investigation has been performed by the FBI, with the final report produced by the CIA! 

So I checked.  Sigh.  TWA 800, has so far been ignored.

How about cakes for gay muslums?


“Special Privilege” Muslim Truck Drivers Win Lawsuit After Refusing To Deliver “Demon Alcohol,” Do Their Jobs

Over-the-road company truck drivers aren’t generally allowed to select their loads by any national carrier. They are sent a dispatch, expected to accept it and go pick it up. That’s the understanding when you’re hired, the rules the industry operates under and what is expected of employees. If more consistency in runs or commodity type is needed, local delivery jobs, cement, produce, building materials or the like, perhaps beer or soda, offer an alternative.
That’s the system unless you’re an entitled, argumentative, self-aggrandized Muslim transplant from Somalia; then things are different. You expect the world to adjust to your whims, for employers to craft their company procedures around your particular demands, and file a lawsuit if they don’t.
Back in 2009, a national over-the-road trucking company, Star Transport, who had the misfortune of having two Somali “religious liberty” jihadists under their employ, issued such a dispatch which included delivering alcohol and expected transported. They have since learned a valuable lesson, don’t hire Muslims or if you do, pucker up; expect to cater to their every whim.
On Thursday a federal jury in Peoria, Ill awarded $240,000 to the demanding “drivers,” Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdkiarim Hassan Bulshale, composed of $20,000 each in compensatory damages and $100,000 each in punitive damages. The Obama-appointed judge, James E. Shadid, also handed over another $1,500 to each in back pay, somehow earned by refusing to deliver their loads.
The case was brought by the haters of white Americans at Obama’s BLM, La Raza, CAIR front and agitation organization, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The trial began on October 19th and was wrapped up the following day.

The basis for the claim is a supposed religious violation that was argued would have existed had the Muslims come into contact with alcohol, a commodity very common in over-the-road driving. It’s actually a preferred load for some, depending upon the situation and individuals, but they generally don’t get to demand “beer only” assignments either.


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