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Carrot Oil


BONUS- How does the carrot in deep fryer trick work?

So I just heard about putting a carrot in the deep fryer so as to pick up the burnt junk and keep the oil clean for longer. I tried it. It works! Now I'm wondering how it works, and what other veggies or whatnot can be substituted in place of the carrot?

Could you possibly share some more information about the trick and how you went about it? Did you put the carrot in heated oil or cold for instance? – Richard ten Brink Jan 7 at 13:07
@Richard I put it in after the oil heated up, right before I started lowering food in the basket. I was extremely skeptical but figured it couldn't hurt to try. What happened was is the carrot turned blacker and blacker with each batch and shriveled up. I told showed it to the kids and told them it was a hot dog. They fell for it:) – user6591 Jan 7 at 13:49
@Richard I fried quite a few pounds of batter dipped chicken nuggets. Towards the last few batches it seemed the carrot was 'used up' as the oil was getting somewhat darker and smoking a bit. Next time I'll switch out the old carrot halfway through for a new one and see if that helps. –
Poor carrot. Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten. – Jason Schock Jan 9 at 18:52

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Aside: I seem to remember that Escoffier (free download) recommended that, after straining cooking fats after each use, adding some lemon juice would help keep the oil bright.    Also from Escoffier, once cooking fats turn brown they may continue to be used for frying fish. It works.