Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Adolph Obama

The Obamissariat                                      

According to my sources, Obama will ultimately implement the following gun control regulations, mostly through a series of Executive Orders.

   1.  Tax ammunition into oblivion and encourage the prosecution of gun manufacturers and bullet producers for shootings using their products. This is a given and will be rolled out very early in the form of an Executive Order.

   2. The Federal government will purchase as much ammunition as possible in order to create shortages, thus, driving up the price of ammunition.

   3. The prohibition of purchasing a gun in one state and transporting that same gun across state lines.

   4.  New Federal regulations which will permit, without a warrant, any civil authority to enter a home of a registered gun owner to check for gun safety when it comes to the “proper” storage of guns. Said gun can be confiscated and the owner will be subject to arrest and fines if a gun does not meet governmental storage regulations. The new regulations will be devised to prevent one from using the gun in a moment’s notice.

   5. There is discussion among DoJ officials about limiting how guns, in the aggregate, that can be stored in one geographic area. This will amount to gun rationing.

   6.  Gun owners will eventually be required to attend and pass gun safety courses in the same manner as one renews their drivers license. This will, again, drive up the cost of owning a gun.

   7.  At some point, no doubt following a false flag event, an Executive Order will be issued to overturn all conceal and carry laws currently in place in several states.

   8.  With regard to Child Protective Services investigations, any gun-owning parent will receive an negative score when it comes to investigation of child abuse and welfare cases.

   9.   No veteran will be allowed to own a gun for an unspecified period of time following their discharge from the service. As part of the VA reform there is serious discussion about mandating outplacement counseling for all veterans and gun prohibitions will be a part of this. I was told that this is, in part, why all the Federal attention is being placed on streamlining the VA process for veteran access.

  10.  The scope of gun free zones will be expanded. The IRS will be given policing powers on new gun control regulations. Bank accounts and homes can be seized for failure to comply. Further, RICO statutes can be utilized among the non-compliant. It was stressed to me that examples will be made of protesters and non-compliant people.

  11.  Obama will wait for the next false flag, but will announce a ban on all assault rifles. (Freedom Outpost)

via Ron Metzger

So there's a knock on your door.  It's 2 A.M. Two policemen say thay have a warrant to search your home for unregistered firearms. 

This is very scary because it tests my (and your) resolve to treat any government attempt to neuter the Second Amendment, and seize guns, as an outrage too far. That means going to the mattresses and actively resisting any government that tries it.  That, friends, is rebellion and with it comes an excuse by a rogue government to use full force to crush it.  Start thinking about that and prepare accordingly; this is not a game.  The truth is that not many are willing to answer a midnight knock on the door with gun in hand.  It is then necessary that people form local alliances of like minded and form a plan to signal alarm so can immediately rush to the aid
with weapon in hand. Are you ready?  Decide now, because these people are desperate to do this while they can.

So three guys ...

Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed have a management meeting in heaven to discuss how to control world population.

Jesus says, "Another big earthquake then, Gents?"

Mohammed says, "Nah, just kill all the infidels."

Buddha says, "Don't kill anyone; we must love all living beings, except pedophiles!"

Jesus says, "OK, let's just kill all the pedophiles!"

Mohammed says, "There you go again Jesus, wanting to wipe out all the Muslims!"

[Wait a minute! Mohammed is in heaven?? Oh, I forgot that a joke usually depends on a suspension of disbelief.]