Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So three guys ...

Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed have a management meeting in heaven to discuss how to control world population.

Jesus says, "Another big earthquake then, Gents?"

Mohammed says, "Nah, just kill all the infidels."

Buddha says, "Don't kill anyone; we must love all living beings, except pedophiles!"

Jesus says, "OK, let's just kill all the pedophiles!"

Mohammed says, "There you go again Jesus, wanting to wipe out all the Muslims!"

[Wait a minute! Mohammed is in heaven?? Oh, I forgot that a joke usually depends on a suspension of disbelief.]



Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio sez:

Only thing that I see wrong with that Rog is your disclaimer. It should be at the beginning. That was my reaction immediately after I began reading the first line.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Actually, the notion of Mohammed in Heaven is easily explained in another joke, in which a fellow seeking Mohammed ascends to the higher and higher levels of Heaven, always being told that Mohammed will be found "higher up".

Finally he reaches the highest level and is greeted by God Himself, who says, "Welcome, My Son! Would you like some coffee?" When the man nods, God snaps his fingers and yells, "Mohammed! Two coffees!"

Stu Tarlowe, Joke Wrangler

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You might want to ask yourself how old Mary was when Jesus was born.

Sonoboy said...

Ya know, anon 10:16, that's the point. Except not in the way YOU mean it. Why is it we never hear any mention of Mo-Mad-Hams' mother or father? Islam is all about the guy himself and all his bloodthirsty, warmongering, pedophillic deeds and proclamations.

Never about family. Not with this sect.

Anonymous said...

Sonoboy, Mohammed was criticized by his contemporaries for a lot of things. His marriage to Aisha wasn't one of them.

As for the rest of your post, have you read the Koran? As a point of information there are actually more violent passages in the Bible than in that book.

Sonoboy said...

I guess I'm driven by what I see on the news these days. Another way of stating it...ACTIONS rather that WORDS.

Anonymous said...

Sonoboy, in other words you haven't read the Koran, you know, the basis of the religion you're criticizing but you somehow feel qualified to comment on something you just admitted you know nothing about??

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