Sunday, January 17, 2016



I watch a fair number shows of  the "Unsolved Murder" genre, mostly on ID DISCOVERY.   Where some newby detective is handed boxes of crime scene evidence from a 20 year-old unsolved homicide, and  tasked with solving it.  The crimes are invariably solved when the detective realizes that this stuff was collected before DNA was invented, but now it has, so he sends it for analysis.  The perp, now living in Florida with his wife and 6 children, is arrested.  Which begs the question: Why doesn't every police department in the USofA go through old case files and, just for the hell of it,  send blood, semen, spit samples to the crime lab?  Like, right now? Duh.

Thank you.  I await my Nobel Prize.


leelu said...

$$$ and, from what I read, a huge backlog at the labs.

Anonymous said...

So, in other words, government?

drew458 said...

Sounds like there could be thousands of new jobs in the DNA analysis field. It's all done by machines, so I wonder how much training a tech needs? And what it pays? $23/hr to use a pipette and a petri dish while sitting down all day would be an appealing job to a lot of folks.

Don't laugh - look at the explosive growth of surgical centers in the past decade. They're making money hand over fist.

Juice said...

Too busy fighting for their lives and reputations brought on by Obama's distraction army, BLM.

toadold said...

Too many police departments are used to make money by civil forfeiture and traffic traps for the town or city. They won't do anything that costs money like solving violent crimes, that's dangerous and could get the brother in law hurt. The push for more administrative laws that people will break and can be fined and or arrested for.

pdwalker said...

You commenters are soooo cynical.

and right.

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