Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dissing ‘Diversity’

So here’s a crazy idea: How about if companies announced that from now on people were going to be judged as individuals and that nobody would be given any preference or suffer any discrimination on the basis of skin color, national origin, or sex. It made clear that this applied to men and women, minorities and non-minorities alike. Might that possibly be a good way to advance nondiscrimination against women and minorities, but also reassure men and nonminorities that they wouldn’t be discriminated against either — just the objectives the article touts?

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Oh crap; here they go again with the "common sense" think.


Anonymous said...

As Al Sharpton said, "But then we wouldn't have nuthin'!

Moo-lin-yan Nabo-li-don

Anonymous said...

Libs demand that you treat people different based on there color. Because blacks, it would seem, have trouble keeping up with others (in their judgement) and then scream RACIST if you disagree. Does that sum it up?

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