Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Obama SS faces civil lawsuit

 Obama's Waffen Schutzstaffel  

A federal judge on Tuesday certified a class-action lawsuit against the IRS for its political targeting, advancing the cause of more than 200 tea party groups who said they were denied their First Amendment rights by the tax agency’s actions.

No Criminal Charges For Lois Lerner  President Obama's Justice Department wrote a letter to members of Congress announcing that Lois Lerner is safe from criminal charges of any kind.
Judge Susan J. Dlott in the Southern District of Ohio issued an order certifying the class, though she sealed the order for now to protect private taxpayer information.

Edward Greim, one of the lawyers advancing the tea party groups’ case, said the certification is a major step because it means the judge has agreed that the IRS did systematically target more than 200 groups for special scrutiny.

The real scandal is that Lois Lerner and Obama muck-a-mucks are not defending themselves in criminal court. I guess this will be a O.J. Simpson style  civil court proxy solution.

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Sonoboy said...

Congrats on getting the gender lineup correct in your graphic - FMM, with, of course, BO bringing up the rear.

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