Thursday, January 14, 2016

Onion Parody

The Obamissariat                                      

WASHINGTON—Recounting in detail the numerous struggles and tribulations of the past seven years, an impassioned President Obama loftily praised his own strength and resilience in the face of adversity Tuesday evening during his final State of the Union address.

“In my two terms in office, this country has faced unprecedented challenges both at home and abroad, but if there is one constant amid this turmoil, if there’s one truth we can all hold onto, it’s that through it all I have remained steadfast and resolute—my perseverance never ceases to amaze me,”
said Obama, his voice swelling with pride and conviction as he noted how, time and again, he has withstood every attack or heartache that has befallen him.

From the BP oil spill, to gun violence, to ISIS—I have met every hardship with the deepest resolve. Consider how truly inspiring that is. It is a testament to my incredible determination. My fellow Americans, these are trying times, but knowing what I know about me, about the type of good person I am, there is no doubt in my mind that I will get through whatever I encounter and emerge stronger on the other side.”

Obama added that it was precisely this indomitable spirit that made America great.

ASIDE: Biden Urges Paul Ryan To Check Out Nude Scene From ‘Porky’s’ On Phone

- onion


Sonoboy said...

Rodger, is that a real screen shot of the speech? I was struck by the look on Ryans face, as though he's in an animatronic 'pause mode'. The question then becomes 'Which set of elites has possession of the remote, the Dims or the Repubs?'.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I assume so, it's from the Onion site however. Here's the Google match

Chris in NC said...

OMG the onion gets me again. I didn't click the link so I actually thought it was true by reading the text you posted... That's a good satire site right there. They are one of the best.

Anonymous said...

Could be true, far as I'm concerned. I certainly would not put such a speech beyond him, and I'm sure it would get some standing ovations by approximately half the audience.

But it don't matter none. I'll never watch another SOTU, no matter who is giving it. I never heard one that wasn't at least 75% BS. So I quit.

And if anybody believes the economic stats and employment stats as presented by our leaders, D or R, gimme a shout. I've got a motorcycle I don't hardly ride any more.


Esteve said...

One shakes their head and thinks he didn't say that.... but, but he could have said that. That's the shame of Obama.

Tom said...

When did The Onion start doing straight news?

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