Wednesday, January 13, 2016

There Be Monsters

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Who's There?

Anyone with a favorable/unfavorable experience with this upgrade? Tips?


Esteve said...

Windows 10 works fine for me but then all I use my computer for is reading C&S and a few other sites, email, and working crossword puzzles. Oh, and helping Bezos get richer.

Anonymous said...

Installed it 6 wks ago, and it hasn't given me any problems. Was skeptical because Microsoft, but so far, so good.

leelu said...

Very Linux-like.

Anonymous said...

Anyone upgrading from W7 to W10 should go to and download their shell replacement. It allows you to see what you're used to. Be sure that's .net and not .org BTW.

The new web browser is "edge" and they don't seem to pull anything over from IE11. IE11 is still there, though. Open "This PC" and navigate through the C: drive to Program Files to Internet Explorer. When there, right click on iexplore and select pin to taskbar. Edge on the taskbar can be right clicked and be unpinned from taskbar.

There are other tricks for out of the box W10 PCs, especially avoiding using the Microsoft ID to log in, but this must be done with the first power up or you're screwed.


Anonymous said...

Here's an article from ZDNet if you just don't want it. I briefly scanned it this morning. I'm endorsing this, I'm just putting this out there for someone's adult consideration.

Annoying Mike

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: I meant to say I'm NOT endorsing it. I haven't tired this and I have no opinion. My father-in-law wants the harassing attempts to upgrade gone, so this is something we might try.

Annoying Mike

Skoonj said...

I've got W10, and have for a couple of months. It was tough to get it to download, but once it did it installed well. Performance has been pretty good, though there has been a persistent problem with sound levels with my Realtek sound system. Somehow it knocked off my Add Blocker Plus, but it was easy enough to get that back. ABP is essential to view certain sites like Breitbart.

Jon Spencer said...

I've got W8 but never saw what the problem with it was. I think that I won't upgrade since I am told that I have to buy the new version of QuickBooks. I bought the version I have now a year and a half ago and it is no where near worn out.

Juice said...

Love, love your post photo introducing the constant MS haunting of us to upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 8 still works fine for the things I use the internet for and since I tend to hold an "ain't broke don't fix it" mind set I'd like see a clear and understandable benefit for change.

Can anyone tell me why 10 would be an improvement with regard to what may be coming down the pike that 10 will enhance our uses for it???

MAX Redline said...

I installed it on one of my 7 systems. It's okay, but the Edge browser sucks, just not quite as bad as IE. I use other browsers.

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