Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Coulter: Super Bowl;Muslin Ban,Loathing Hillary

There isn't a lot the entire country agrees on, anymore. A few generations ago, there was so much that brought Americans together. Everyone read LIFE magazine, listened to Jack Benny on the radio, and then later watched Ed Sullivan together, every single Sunday night. All Americans watched the moon landing, were traumatized when Kennedy was shot and supported the troops.

But today, with a billion cable channels, and specialty magazines on everything from bridal gowns to automatic rifles, and a wildly heterogeneous population, there's not a whole lot that brings us together.

It's pretty much down to the Super Bowl, the Muslim ban, and, as of Tuesday night, loathing Hillary Clinton.  [Ann Coulter; NEW JERSEY MAN SLAYS CHILD]


Sonoboy said...

I LOVE Ann Coulter! If for no other reason she brings the minds of liberals to a boil. However, she manages to do so while being an attractive blond who's acerbic knowledge usually allows her to engage in verbal warfare and come out on top. And having Ann on top is fine by me.

Steve in Greensboro said...

Both Democrat voters and Republican voters hate the Republican party.

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