Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Flying Squirrels

A Cathartic Event   

Judge Cameo: And you, Mr. District Attorney, I'd like to point something out to you in the penal code: 
Section C, Paragraph 22: "Celebrities are above the law." 
This case is dismissed.

Quick:  What movie?

Rene Russo   
Jason Alexander   
Randy Quaid       
Robert De Niro   
Janeane Garofalo   
Carl Reiner   
Jonathan Winters       
John Goodman
David Alan Grier    ..   
Jeffrey Ross   
Billy Crystal   
Whoopi Goldberg  

I remember seeing something about this movie, and I remember having zero inclination to watch it even if it was free, which it wasn't, aaaaaaaaaaand even though they were one of my favorites; ..not interested. In 2000 I was consumed by AlGore's attempt to take the White House and the subsequent Florida coup attempt.

I just watched it.  This is perhaps the greatest animation feat ever, and it's funny as hell, and your kids can watch it.  Really.

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