Thursday, February 25, 2016

He Gets It

At The Guardian, Jeb Lund explains that Trump's victories aren't mysterious if you understand why people are angry, which very few people in politics or the media appreciate, even now.

But you don’t need some grand overarching political science theory. There are millions of miserable people in America who know exactly who engineered the shattering of their worlds, and Trump isn’t one of those people – and, with the exception of Bernie Sanders, everyone else in the field is running on the basis of their experience being one of those people.

When you are abused and bullied enough, anyone willing to beat up or burn down whomever put you in that position is your friend. Even a bully can be a hero if he targets others bullies – and that is, more or less, what Trump has done since day one. [FULL]


Chris in NC said...

He's basically saying conservatives are racist haters of anyone non white. Tea party is racist. Cruz is racist. Etc. Author writes for Rolling Stone and Vice. He may have targeted the anger but he still thinks those who are angry are stupid haters.

JimB said...

He's sure going to be surprised when Trump gets elected....

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Whatever his politics, he is spot on in the posted 'zample.

Anonymous said...

Twenty jelly beans Trump never takes office.

molonlabe28 said...

The Rolling Stone?

Give me a break.

Isn't it owned by some frat at UVA?

It should be if it's not.

toadold said...

"The Guardian" A left wing British newspaper that is rabidly anti-American.
. In this instance he is half-right about the dislike of the US populace for the Washington Establishment.

Anonymous said...

He almost gets it. He just misses the part where we are also angry at elitist, uptight, know it all, condescending, diversity loving, politically correct, status quo enabling, obscure word and reference using, commentary writers.

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