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            Saturday, February 20, 2016

DIY backyard bowling alley    

Who doesn’t love bowling? Especially if you’re skilled enough not to need the bumpers or wipe out with those sketchy, who-knows-where-they’ve-been shoes, it can be a great time.But if you’re not a good bowler, or you’re not into paying to rent a lane and eat rubberized pizza, then maybe you should just build your own, like Imgur userMakguyver87.He decided to fabricate his own lane in his backyard for his buddies and family, and it looks pretty awesome! We think this is the most amazing backyard bowling set up of all time.


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Very clever, but that would ruin the mix action of the pins. That's very important in bowling.
Yeah, I'm sure his neighbors are just tickled pink to have a bowling alley in this guy's back yard. Doubt if it'll result in any Rip Van Winkles.
great for a basement though, using good hardwood. 20 yrs ago I'd be doing it.
How about using regular pins and hiring a local kid to be a pin boy for a couple'a bucks. Hey, might start 'im on his way to a real trade later in life.
Better yet, pay 'im what a Clinton intern makes. Same career prospects.
My first job was setting pins in a bowling alley. I was paid 10 cents a game per bowler times 10 bowlers times 3 games so 3 bucks a night.. Hard dirty work. No kid today would do it.
I set pins in a two lane church alley in the 1950's. I made $9.00 but I set both lanes for three games. Worked my ass off but I had more spending money than any other kid on the block.
Reminds me of Camp Casey, S. Korea, 40 plus years ago. Can't remember who ran the bowling alley, but they hired locals as pin setters.
After so many times of rolling the balls, they wouldn't come back. The pin setters wouldn't return the balls until we shot two cans of beer down the gutter.
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