Friday, February 12, 2016

Top Gear Redux


House of Cards cost Netflix $100 million for two seasons but Amazon’s deal is truly mind boggling.

The new show will premiere at some point in 2016, it will be produced by Andy Wilman and it will be even more outrageous than anything they ever did on Top Gear. [FULL] (Tip to Tommy Lee Smith)

It was my early understanding that the deal was with NetFlix; Amazon is not good news.  More and more I've found that any series streamed by Amazon  will cost you $$ after the first season, even if you're a Prime subscriber, whereas NetFlix productions are always top notch and free.  That aside, there was no bigger fan of Top Gear than me.  I watched the entire series on NetFlix about five times.  When BBC withdrew the original two or three years, which were for me the best, I lost heart. After 100+ episodes the lads had become a parody of themselves, and I doubt this newest rendition will catch my fancy.  We'll see, but I shan't spend a farthing on any of it.


Cheesy said...

Don't care for Amazons interface compared with Netflix either.

Anonymous said...

Usually the series that are streamed by Amazon cost money because they aren't owned by Amazon. Basically, at first, they don't have the rights to stream those shows free until a set amount of time after the new season has been out, so it doesn't cannibalize DVD or digital sales.

Amazon Originals don't follow that formula. Those are supposed to be a reason for people to stick with prime. This show, so long as it's bought and paid for by Amazon, is supposed to get viewers, period. They wont charge for future seasons, unless they really want to have wasted their money.

I agree, the show seems a bit more scripted than ever, they all got a bit Flanderized. But I would say 60% of the original quality of Top Gear is better than 90% of television.

I basically treat it -- now -- like a travel show with some slapstick comedy and three guys I really like. That's it. I think I'll love the new show. I hope so, anyway.

PS -- Watch "Man in the High Castle". Watch yourself strangely rooting for one of the Nazi's over the sniveling asshat lead actors.


Mike C said...

I for one am still hopeful that the Amazon show will be a hit. I read the other day where Joey from Friends is one of the hosts for the new and improved BBC version.. Gah! That will be a freak show I know I won't watch..

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Okay, I just hit High Castle and like he opening. It's queued-up. Thanks. And a confession. To this day I find myself rooting for the Nazis against Stalin.

Cheesy said...

If you haven't seen it, "The Road Within" was pretty entertaining.
Robert Sheehan's portrayal of a kid with Tourette's is worth seeing.

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